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A Special Rug

The last few days. I have documented some of my craft phases.  I didn’t include watercolors, oil painting, knitting, or crocheting.   And another one I didn’t document is rugmaking.  I have made quite a few by crocheting long torn strips of … Continue reading

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My Teacher Carried a Shotgun

My teacher for grades one through eight brought a “shotgun” to school every day.  It contained a mysterious white powder and rested on her big, wooden desk at the ready.  She appeared as a terrifying specter in my young life: … Continue reading

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A no metaphor day . . .

The mountain metaphor –> a great high, but the valley comes next. Fall –> the seasons are changing, and life’s winter is coming. Mmm.  Maybe not. Maybe it’s a no metaphor day. Maybe it’s a no punctuation day. Maybe it’s just a … Continue reading

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When It’s All About Me

I don’t think I have a split personality; but if I did, would I know it?  Maybe it’s just the neighbor’s marijuana wafting in through the swamp cooler on a hot day, or maybe I really am two people living … Continue reading

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You . . .

 On this slip of land, this crest of water–so shifting, so weaving, beneath these vapor wings and silken threads, that shadow over, obstructing forever views, You break through.

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  I was thinking that if God put up His own Facebook page, He might get more devoted attention than He is getting now.  I can just imagine the number of “friends” that would flock to His site.  It might … Continue reading

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Kentucky

I have done some things that would seem to belie the intellect God has given me (Read that:  Stupid things!).  One of those moments graced with a less than brilliant flash of inspiration was when I hitchhiked from Jackson, MI, … Continue reading

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Some Tweaking Required

            Growing up in a large family—a family full of Irish Canadian storytellers—the biggest impediment to effective communication was getting the floor.  With so much competition, air-time was precious; but we all seemed to have our fair share, and real … Continue reading

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Lilly’s Top Ten Writing Tips

First of all, spit your gum out, please.  I know it helps you cope with your lack of concentration, but a rule is a rule!  Not under the chair!  In the trash can, please! Okay, let’s get down to business:  … Continue reading

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Stillborns Cry

    I knew you were free, but I still mourned. I wanted you. I wanted you to feel pain— to laugh and cry, to be held, to whine, to bruise the knee, bruise the spirit, be comforted— to be … Continue reading

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