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To catch the wind . . .

We have breezes in the desert, but quite often they morph into full-force winds–the knock down the fence sort! I was out on my bike, working with this natural resistance training, when I stopped to take another picture of our neighbor’s … Continue reading

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THANKS a Lot . . .

I have some friends who have been posting on FB what they are thankful for, everyday for 30 days.  It’s not that I’m not that thankful—just not that organized. So here’s my list: 1. I am thankful that the man … Continue reading

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Mahoney Baloney and Other Hate Crimes

I never saw an African American person in the flesh until I was a teenager.  I was a camp counselor and one of my charges was a little black girl.  I found myself torn between trying not to be prejudicial … Continue reading

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Color in the desert . . .

Liquid, molten amber– chlorophyll recedes and crisp desert nights turn sweet red the summer’s green. Leaves on spidery spindles dangle. Wind rustles this factory shaker, this oxygen maker, and in a glance, it’s gone.

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Framing my world . . . Part 2

This was taken at my request at the end of the lane.  I had come back to announce my engagement to a guy my family had never met or heard existed.  As far as they knew, he could have been … Continue reading

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Framing my world . . .

I realized recently that since earliest childhood, I have seen my world in picture frames.  With or without a camera in my hand, my eye searches out pattern, color, foreground, background, and other artistic qualities that make the shot.  Sometimes, … Continue reading

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Ripples . . .

I threw a stone into a pond, and where it sank, neat circles formed and moved and moved and splashed the shore where my toes met the silver-blue rings with squishy, muddy hellos.  The rings beyond continued on, much farther … Continue reading

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Blogspot sounds like a disease . . .

Blogspot sounds like a childhood disease, and WordPress sounds like it should produce some sort of gourmet espresso.  What is this fascination with blogging that turns academics and everyday housewives, factory workers and retired grandparents, to poets and essayists?  What … Continue reading

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First Kiss

    My first kiss made me sick.  I was twelve years old and the big sloppy mouthed boy engulfed my lips.  I should have slapped him, but I’ve never been good at confrontation. There was a creek that bordered … Continue reading

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My Book of Uncommon Prayers: Idols

Pry from my hands these little trinkets, these very important “holy” things. Break these idols that I trust in; let me know my depth of sin. Devastate me with Your nearness; fill me with Your Spirit’s blaze. In one moment, … Continue reading

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