Framing my world . . . Part 2

pre-marriage 8-'73

This was taken at my request at the end of the lane.  I had come back to announce my engagement to a guy my family had never met or heard existed.  As far as they knew, he could have been an axe murderer.  As far as I knew, he could have been an axe murderer!  But after 38 years, I’m figuring not.


At this point in 1991, we had four boys.  We took them back to see the farm, which was not owned by my folks anymore.  When you walk in and the wallpaper is different, the furnishings are strange, and the “back kitchen” is made over into a homey sitting room with a wood stove, and is not the place to explore and dream of treasure–or at least the place to steal hidden shortbread cookies–you know you can’t really go home anymore.  At least to that one.

8-'73 Having Kathy point in the direction of the farm from the sideroad

You take for granted not having to lock doors, being free to bike the countryside without worrying about sexual predators, going to the garden to pick supper.  I wanted for so long to leave and explore the big, wide world.  The city drew my dreams and fascination.  But it wasn’t long till I realized, I would have given a lot to return to that kind of life.

Mom would probably be chagrined to know that I’m sharing this one below.  But I love it!  Though I am so glad women are liberated from the brain-twisting torture of those implements.

This was quite a common pose for Dad.  As hard as he worked, it was easy to catch naps when you could.  Speaking of naps:  I never understood the fascination Mom and Dad had with Sunday afternoon naps.  It seemed an incredibly boring waste of time–that is, until I got old enough to appreciate the value of that kind of creative problem-solving.  It kind of came with kids.


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14 Responses to Framing my world . . . Part 2

  1. Elaine says:

    Brilliant! That you had the presence of mind to take a picture of the boys in the driveway – very moving. It’s a time gone by….but so lovely to read about. Great writing!! Thank you! xoxox Elaine

    • Brilliant! Ah, I like that . . . as long as you’re not British, then it would lose impact. 🙂

      I love this pic, too. We should go back and do it again this time with wives and a grandbaby!

  2. Tanto Noot says:

    Fun reading Lilly. Ah, times gone by! I think it is an adult thing for sure to know how to manage memories; what to leave alone and what to dwell on. Learning also that we can’t go back but appreciating and acknowledging what got us here and how it happened. How darling of your guys! And so funny of your mom!
    Not so sure I like how fast time is going right now but I am more consoled that if I hang on for the ride and stop trying to control everything, God will be the exciting, gracious, generous, strengthening help He is!
    Thank you for sharing,

  3. dorannrule says:

    What a grand trip down memory lane – in your frames of life! You had a great place to grow up. 🙂

  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    OH how I love this walk back into your world. I graduated in 74 so I too was like you well except for the husband to be 🙂 my Mom look like yours with her hair in curlers and a duster on though we did not live on a farm well our home was like a FUNNY FARM 🙂

    Thanks for taking us there Lilly. Life in my eyes back then was so simple.

  5. vivekipereira says:

    Reblogged this on Vivek Pereira's Blog.

  6. Loved taking a trip down your memory lane with you!

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