THANKS a Lot . . .

I have some friends who have been posting on FB what they are thankful for, everyday for 30 days.  It’s not that I’m not that thankful—just not that organized.

So here’s my list:

1. I am thankful that the man I am married to now is a much better man than the one I married.  Not that they are different, but my husband, I must say, has grown into a man of strong character.  But just so he doesn’t get a big head:  He still will not listen to my profound commentary on life as I lay in bed.  That’s when I get some of my best ideas; him, that’s when he assumes he should be able to sleep.  Our prenuptial didn’t cover that!

2. I am thankful for my four wonderful sons and their three wives—not that they are sharing;  but number four is still unclaimed, all 6’5” 200 brilliantly musical pounds of him. Whoever snags him will get a guitar-playing, drummer, bass player type person who is as luminous as Bach, though a touch louder.  They will also inherit his Musician’s Institute debt. 

3. I am thankful for my Mom and Dad and family—including in-laws and outlaws.  The memories I have of growing up on a farm in Canada are sweet, except for the times I was blamed for all the things I possibly didn’t do.  Just because I inherited a guilt gene and others inherited the I-am-so-innocent gene, doesn’t mean you should automatically assume I did it.  It needs to be proven in a court of law (which would be hard since I destroyed the evidence.)  

By the way, the first one of my siblings to read and respond to this post gets to inherit all my music royalties!  Since none of them follow my blogs, that’s probably not a risk.  And if any of you guys do happen to read this, I was lying about the royalties part.

Speaking of royalties:  One of these days, I’ll have to write a blog about the letter I got from BMI seeking confirmation that I was dead. 

4. I am thankful for my organic farmer people who collectively (not the Communist collectively) contribute to my box of produce each week, enabling me to juice to my heart’s content (not to be construed as the steroid kind). 

5. I am thankful for words and music and whole wheat bread; I’m thankful for coffee and chocolate and pumpkin pie (which I’m having for supper—warming up to Thanksgiving!).  And raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens . . . and clouds and trees and digital photography.  And grammar and students I can oppress with it.  I’m thankful for computers and Word docs that heal my lousy typing.  I am thankful for books and and weather and Motrin!  Mmm, this could be a long list.

6. I’m thankful for water and memory foam toppers and stationery.  What would I do without bicycles and fall leaves and friends and clothes and guardian angels?  I’m thankful for movies and calendars and stuffed animals and hummus.  What a wonderful world!  Sounds like a song.

7. Oh, and I’m thankful for truth, the Gospel, and a mind to apprehend the goodness of God that saves.  That’s a lot.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Save the turkeys; just eat the pumpkin pie!

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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10 Responses to THANKS a Lot . . .

  1. planaquarium says:

    So lovely, I’m sure your family is thankful to have such a caring wife and mother. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. randallslack says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Lilly. You and Kelly have gone through much adversity and came through stronger and closer to the Lord for it. Grace and peace…

  3. Hope you enjoyed your turkey. 🙂
    Any left over? 😉
    I’m hungry (constantly)…

  4. I hope you had a wonderful day.
    We enjoyed birding in the morning and then had a later than planned feast. Someone who was trying to be helpful, knocked down the temp for the electric roaster. Ah, well. It gave us another lesson in patience.

    • Mmm, that reminds me of the Christmas I forgot to turn on the oven at all! I guess I was a little distracted. We cooked a turkey very quickly and toughly that year! It was brought up again yesterday. Those misses are never forgotten. 🙂

  5. SR says:

    This just cannot get any better if you tried. I love it and when a comment of mine will do nothing to enhance a great post, I usually say, “I let it stand on it’s own.” This I shall do. God Bless, SR

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