Feeling Hawkish?

I had planned another blog for today, but I had a visitor call, and I thought I’d share him / her with you.

I have been trying to catch pictures of the birds at my feeder, but they don’t like me standing around where they can see me.  So like a very UN-Martha Stewart kind of gal, I cleaned only the inside and the outside center part of the window by my desk that would still allow me to take pictures from inside should the birds present me with a photo op.  🙂

I was getting my camera ready since sparrows were coming, then Whoosh!  They all flew off, and there he was, perched on my fence.  I snapped and snapped and snapped, hoping I’d get at least a couple of good ones before he flew off.  He looked right and left, then straight in my eyes.  Spooky in a magestic kind of way!

All of a sudden, he flew off, and here’s the guilt part:  I think he had one of my sparrows in his talons!  So I am a co-conspirator.  I lured the innocents to the predator’s maw.  . . . Okay, he is still a mighty magestic bird.  It’s just the food chain in action.  Someone said he is a Coopers Hawk, but he looks more like the Sharp-shinned Hawk in my field book.  A beauty.

And I can’t help but wonder what would have happened by if I’d washed the whole window!




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19 Responses to Feeling Hawkish?

  1. He’s lovely! You are much quicker with a camera than I am – or he’s more of a photo hog! Nice

    • I was inside looking out my “partially” clean window, ready to catch my other bird friends, camera in hand. Then he was just there! Because I was inside, I don’t think he saw me as a threat, but he was aware of me! :-0

  2. I need to clean my window 🙂

  3. You got some great pictures. We have Cooper’s in our area and last year one took too many Juncos for my liking. My opinion of him increased ten-fold after he grabbed a rat for a quick snack.
    It is a risk we take for feeding the little dears, but I figured God created this balance, so I try not to begrudge the raptors a meal too often. I refrained from scaring off a Kestrel the other day, though the urge was great. It didn’t get anything I am aware of.

    Hey, it looks like it is snowing here. We finally got a little yesterday, with more on the way.

    • It was a real adrenalin rush to be this close. Even growing up in the country, I never got this close to hawks.

      So you are sure it’s Cooper’s. It was hard to tell from the pics in my field guide because the Sharp-shinned looks very much like this guy. Worth a bit of a spot clean on the window! 🙂

  4. tootlepedal says:

    Well worth cleaning a bit of the window for these shots.

  5. Lynna Clark says:

    Soo cool! Thank you! We’ve got a hawk that soars over us but I’ve never seen it close enough to tell what kind. Glad you caught yours in action!

    • I was raised on a farm and have never been so close! Loved it! A friend a work who is more of a bird guy showed me some pics that definitely identifies it as a Cooper’s Hawk. So cool–even though he eats my sparrows!

  6. randallslack says:

    Look’s like he was giving you the “old eagle eye!” (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

  7. I am so glad you have it settled now. 😀 If you want look through my old posts, I have one titled, “Cooper’s Hawk for Supper”. It is amazing when we get to witness these amazing birds up close. Now you need to get yourself multiple guides, so you can rack your brain going through several trying to ID a bird. At last count, we are up to five field guides. And that’s not even counting the other bird related books we’ve got. Nope, we’re not obsessed, are we?

  8. drawandshoot says:

    Great shots! Such an incredible visitor.

  9. danitacahill says:

    What a beautiful bird. And what great shots you got for shooting through a window! Good job.

  10. frizztext says:


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