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An Alternative View of Education

Here are more of my on-campus shots–from my perspective!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

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My View of Education

While waiting for a meeting, I walked around and took pictures on our campus.  Not exactly the ones for a brochure, but it is my view!  🙂

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A Chorus . . . I mean Carrot Line

I’m feeling a bit guilty.  Is it right to make my carrots entertain me before I crush the life out them in my juicer? I kind of feel like a murderer.  After all, carrots are people, too.              —> Or maybe … Continue reading

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Political Opinion Polls

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Freshly Juiced . . . I mean, Pressed

Thanks WP for the Freshly Pressed honor for “The Bare Bones of Winter.”  Up till now I thought freshly pressed was only what I do to my organic produce!  I kind of caught on when my in-box started filling up … Continue reading

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In the Pink . . . and Orange and Gold and Maroon and . . .

Last night’s sunset was a dilly!  When the winds came in, the cloud formations starting getting interesting; then the color came.  We were driving, so all the color shots were from a moving car.  I was stopped briefly on the … Continue reading

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More Bare Bones . . .

There is something in the sparseness– the sparse stretching to the sky, the intertwining, community of bare bones, waiting for green buds and fancy dresses. Spare looks like loss, but faith sees the bloom and fruit of what will be … Continue reading

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In the Pink

When I am blue, there is healing in the pink. When barbed darkness presses down,  a crushing breath-taker, I can look up to these ribbons of wonder, remembering redemption is nearer than I can imagine.

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The Bare Bones of Winter

The bare bones witchy webbed against fomenting skies, dormant with barely a breathy promise of life. Is your haunting silhouette a shadowy blight or a prayer upraised for spring?

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