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I’m baking today so thought I’d reblog the complete how-to link here to my other blog. Happy fibre!

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Everywhere Tall Trees

The stretch to the sun, the stretch to the center of the earth, and the sheltering cool in between.  Secret hidden places for treasures and firm holding branches—houses in the air.  Feathery leaves trap mysteries in my mind and catapult … Continue reading

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A Child’s Snow

Tractor treads in fresh white snow, perfect form with heel and toe. Angels fallen, rise again, thoughtless sins of little men. Fence posts peeking, winter’s quilt, woven cold with crystal silk. Words in vapor down the hill, carve a path … Continue reading

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The Forever Dance

It has been Their dance all along—Their communion, Their intimacy, Love enfolding      Love enfolding           Love. And I have been invited into the quadrille, the waltz, the glorious and shining ballet. Me, clumsy me, two-left-feet me, stumbling, graceless me— and hardly … Continue reading

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Blog-in-Cheek Thought for the Day!

If you say something funny in a forest, and there is no one there to laugh, is it still funny?

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More Rockin’ Monsters!

I found a few more monsters that were hiding out! This one below is still on the loose, but seems more tame. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

Definition of INDULGE transitive verb 1 a: to give free rein to b: to take unrestrained pleasure in : gratify 2 a: to yield to the desire of : humor <please indulge me for a moment> b: to treat with … Continue reading

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Monsters Rock!

I told you monsters lived at Red Rock Canyon!  Now here’s proof!

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I Could Eat Sherbet

Crystalline strands threaded across this sherbet sky. If I had a big enough spoon, I think I would eat you up!

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How to Spend More Than You Make

Being rich is highly overrated.  Not everyone wants to be a millionaire (Cue music!).  There are a lot of us who are quite content to barely get by and whine.  Wealth is too much responsibility; and personally, I chafe at … Continue reading

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