A little sympathy here!!!

Okay, I need a little sympathy!  I have so enjoyed going on my bike rides with my dog, stopping to take pictures as I wanted.  Today we were attacked by a big muscular dog–either boxer or pitbull.  I kept trying to get the bike in-between them, but the dog was being domineering and body pressing my collie.  This was not friendly hello can I sniff your private parts kind of play.  The dog started biting at my dog, and I dropped the bike and tried to get a tree between us.

The dog finally took off–just because he wanted to, I guess.  Or perhaps the angel with the big flaming sword!

A nice family stopped to stay with me till my son came to get the dog.  Shaking, blubbering, feeling for blood!  Yikes.  Thankfully, my collie has so much fur that he didn’t break skin.  When I got my bike home, I promptly gave him a bath to make sure he had no wounds and also to get that stupid slimy gunk off my baby’s coat!

That monster just ruined my afternoon, as well as my future bike rides.  I see pepper spray in my future!

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18 Responses to A little sympathy here!!!

  1. juliemckay says:

    Glad you’re okay.

  2. Cath Howell says:

    Wow…that was a close call. Happy that you are both only shaken!
    Yes, perhaps it best you change routes for a bit just to be on the safe side.

  3. Christine says:

    You have my sympathy for sure; I’m scared of big nasty dogs! A little pepper spray would definitely be in order. Perhaps you’re right about the angel with the flaming sword, too: “God is …an ever present help in trouble.” Thanks be that the episode ended without injury!

    • The more I think about my half-serious comment about the angel and the sword, it is seeming more plausible. He had us cornered and there was no reason for him to have stopped. I do believe God intervened for us.

  4. Oh that was scary. I am grateful you and your dog were not hurt. More and more towns are putting laws into place regarding pitbulls and other dogs of that nature. So many people and their pets have gotten seriously hurt. In saying that, I do not believe every pitbull is a menace, but those “trained” to be so. Besides the pepper spray, if you know where the dog came from, can you just avoid that area?

    • I have never seen him before, so my guess is he either got out on his own or was dropped off in the desert. He did have a collar. Kel is going to trail me in the car for now. I’m also going to ask folks on the strret before the turn if they have ever seen him before and know where he comes from. Ah!

  5. becca givens says:

    I can relate … I often walk with a stick … can be a challenge with 3 dogs. Glad full body of wonderful thick fur assisted your collie and this turned out well. Pepper spray may be a good idea … also check with trainers for additional ideas. 🙂

    • I am going to check with an animal control person who is married to a trainer to get their input. Little rat dogs are easily put off, but this guy was big and muscular and I could not do anything.

  6. randallslack says:

    It’s the owners fault, not the dog. If a dog is aggressive, it’s the owners obligation to either train it out of them (which can be done) or keep the dog in the back yard. It’s owners like this that give pittys a bad name.

    • Agreed, but I guess there are certain breeds I do have an inherent mistrust of. At first glance I thought this was my neighbor’s Boxer, but in a sec. I knew not becasue this dog was so big. But I really don’t know if it was a Boxer or some other kind. The people in the van said it was a Pit. When I look at pics on line, it looks like both, so I’m thinking it was either a mix or another kind I don’t know. Big and white and mean!

  7. Dor says:

    A scary story! I hope your collie is not traumatized. I hope you are not either and thank goodness no physical damage was done. Dog attacks are absolutely unacceptable, no matter what the breed. Where on earth was the owner? He or she should be reported.

    • He seems none the worse for wear. Not so sure about me! He headed back towards the park nearby, so it’s possible its owners were there or he may have gotten out of his yard somehow. We have leash laws, but some folks don’t abide by them.

      Also, sometimes folks just let unwanted dogs go in the desert. I had never seen him before so I have no idea–a travesty either way.

  8. Oh No ! What a traumatic experience ! Strange dogs do scare the dickens out of me as you never know what they might do. I’m glad you and your dog are okay.

    • He has bounced back–me not so much. I went out today, hubby behind in the car (He’s getting over surgery). I was very uncomfortable, but we made it, adn I even snapped a few pics–awesome clouds. But things are not the same. I think I will be training in mace.

  9. SL Schildan says:

    Ironic, everyone blames the owner and to a huge extent I blame unruly pets on poor owners as well, but owners whose pits have never shown aggression have killed several children recently. One a toddler, both grandparents together could not separate it from their precious granddaughter. It killed her and both owners had bite marks all over them. They put the dog down. The dog was trained and well mannered except once. Other similar stories of them killing other dogs and killing cats reinforces that the dogs are unpredictable. The were bred to kill. You cannot train out a genetic instinct. I’m just saying…

    • I do have a tendency to mistrust certain breeds, but even friendly mutts given the right circumstances can bite. Our dog growing up was such a friendly dog, but in a game of tag he bit the pastor’s son. Oops.

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