Beauty in Parking Lots

Beside POPEYES--I didn't inhale!

Crop your life of the superfluous—

the lifeless concrete,

the ads and poles and  rushing commuters,

the shopping carts and litter and  lanes—

civilized clutter

that adds to the frenetic pace of mind traffic,

soul traffic.

Crop your vision of the irrelevant for just that wispy moment–

that one focused thin second that sees what others miss.

STARBUCKS DRIVE-THROUGH--and yes, I did inhale!!!





About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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21 Responses to Beauty in Parking Lots

  1. swanrose says:

    Very nice and great pics.

  2. Dor says:

    This post is so clever and so beautiful. You definitely have an eye for cropping out the ugly stuff.

  3. Dounia says:

    It’s definitely important to notice all the beautiful things around us, even when it seems like there are none (they’re just a little harder to find! 🙂 ) Great post! 🙂

  4. Cath Howell says:

    Oh oh and oh!!!!! See, you just have to look beyond, right? Or more closely!!! Or more slowly!!!! Whatever you have to do, beauty is there, somehow it remains! Love love love this post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful…!!! I guess is something that we all never think about or just forget in our daily life and our mundane existence… It is amazing how much beauty is around if you just stop for a second and look. Great reminder…THANK YOU!!!

  6. Misslisted says:

    Great post! I always trip out on the wildlife and nature that surrounds me here in the urban environment in Seattle. I regularly pause and remember that the city is invading the natural world and NOT that the natural world is invading the city. It is especially evident when coming into Seattle on I-90, through the mountains, down the foothills, through the suburbs and into the city…

    • Nature perseveres. On the way to work this week I saw a Cooper’s Hawk brazen as could be on a mailbox. Didn’t grab the camera fast enough. We have lived here a long time and never saw them this close; and I got pics of them on my fence too. Something different. . . and fun.

  7. SL Schildan says:

    Wow, great pics. I hit parking lots and freeways today and got lots of (cool) photos also. I was the passenger, not the driver!!! 😉

  8. ahaha! you are very good. ^^ 🙂

  9. Lindy Lee says:

    Nice words & you certainly are a busy shutterbug with a keen eye; cropping works well for you; Photoshop makes a good liar out of me, although I am no photographer, not even by the wildest stretch of the imagination…

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