Have you had your vitamins today?

. . . preferably raw and organic!

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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20 Responses to Have you had your vitamins today?

  1. Your photos are too scrumptious, far too cruel! What is in the smoothie?

    • I’m a juicer, so what’s in the glass are the vegies from the last pic. My hubby used to call it swamp water till he became a convert! 🙂

      • Meg says:

        So.. what about the fiber? What do you do with all the left over bulk?

        • Some leftover cellulose you can throw into soups and bread, etc., like carrot. But we eat a lot of non-juiced vegies and fruit and whole grains, too, to get our fibre. The benefit of juicing is that you get a power punch of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in one glass that you could never otherwise get. It’s broken down, and eating all that quantity of whole food would be hard. But it is added nutrition to compensate for our toxically overloaded world, not a substitue for whole foods, too.

  2. I have a juicer, but sadly it’s been sitting in the cabinet, pretty much unused since we bought it. Your photos are very tempting though! I had x-rays recently and my doctor asked me about my vitamins because you could see them sitting in my large intestine in the x-ray. They weren’t dissolving! So much better to get the vitamins through the real deal.

    • Wow, that’s interesting. I do not do much pill taking (kind of goes in spurts). But I try to always use geletain capsules not hard pills. Over all, it is just better to get real food! I buy produce from an organic farm organization I have linked on my site. It is awesome. You get local CA produce to grace your table, as well as promoting organic farming and helping CA farmers who are ideological but also need to make a living. Feels good all the way round.

      Juicing is so good in addition to eating whole because you concnetrate the enzymes and vitamins in that one delicious drink. Hope your juicer starts seeing the light of day! 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    No, I haven’t had my vitamins today. Just leftovers. 🙂 I’ve been chained to the computer all afternoon doing the writers’ e-newsletter. If you’d like to see it–with your poem–I’ve posted it as a separate Page on my blog christineevelynvance.wordpress.com. Thanks much!

  4. This should be my dinner after all the junk food I had today!

  5. Ital food looking good

  6. You beverage looks more appealing than mine. Liquid chlorophyll. Even mixed with a juice, it looks quite unappetizing.
    Ah, I take several supplements. I didn’t know the hard ones did not dissolve. Because of all the immune stuff I am taking now, I’ve cut back on some. I heard chlorophyll is pretty nutritious by itself.

    • That’s good stuff. Sometimes it’s just better not to look at the color. 🙂 Capsules’ dissolving really has a lot to do with binders. That’s why I try to only do gel caps. My old neighbor did an experiment with her brand name meds and the generic. The generic never did dissolve! The med was the same, but how they put it together wasn’t!

  7. dianne - life as i see it says:

    wonderful post.. yummm

  8. hello, apronheadlily,

    why, you certainly eat healthy! btw, that much carrots, huh? wait, am going to think about it…^^ 🙂

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