Lilly’s Snow Day in the Desert


Well, I told you it was snowing.  The hills around are covered!

We didn’t get much sticking on the valley floor.  It was cold in the upper atmosphere, but still about 37 F deg close to the ground, but if you look really close in the next picture, there are tiny accumulations by the fence–proof positive.  Look really really hard!  And though my camera doesn’t pick up the falling snow very well, you can see the blurs of white.  Do I sound like a transplanted Canadian who loves her snow?

Also, another Cooper’s Hawk came to call in the middle of it.  Of course, he parked himself on a different side of the fence which makes it harder to get a clear picture through the harsher angle of my window   And he sat by the area of my window that I didn’t clean on the inside.  I am not Mlle Housekeeper, of course, but my excuse is that it is behind my computer screen and 2 stacked wire cubbies.  I will sacrifice for art, though.

I did my Curves (Think:  exercise gym) and Trader Joe’s (Think:  awesome store in CA) run, not because I am so committed to exercise (though I am committed to TJ’s carrot muffins and organic produce) . . . but really, it was an excuse to get out and take the long way home past the aqueduct and closer to the hills.  Camera at hand!

To top it off, the snow covered hills to the south and southeast were alight with clouds and color from another beautiful sunset.

We must have gotten more snow in the night because hubby said, as he went to work, he could see the lowest hills are now covered.  I don’t have the car today, but I see a bike trek or a walk in my future!

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24 Responses to Lilly’s Snow Day in the Desert

  1. Dounia says:

    Beautiful photos! We’ve hardly had any snow this winter in CT, and although we had waaaay too much last winter, I do miss the snow this year!

  2. Dor says:

    Your photos are terrific. I especially love the hawk – and your hills are alive with their grand dusting of snowwwwwww. We have had only one little storm this winter so far and it melted in a day.

    • We are a little less than 3000′, so we will get some snowfall, sometimes even stick for a few days. Fun! But this winter so far has been kind of weird all over. But we still have the foothills and mountains to look at.

  3. Cath Howell says:

    Exquisite photos!!!!!!
    You mentioned you are Canadian, I remember you saying so before. Where are you from?
    And yes, I couldn’t do without my snow!!!!!!!! :))))

  4. Mr Mole says:

    Lovely set of landscapes.

  5. What beautiful pictures! I really like those hills. And your Cooper’s. We’ve not seen ours for a week.
    OH! You get White-crowned Sparrows! We see them at migration time. My children call them Zebra-heads. Your House Sparrow cracked me up. Is it peaking through the fence?!

  6. Shutter Bug says:

    Wow! Stunning images, Lilly. Great shots! Glad you finally got your snow. 🙂

  7. wow! you live in a beautiful place… i love the pic of the windmill and every photo that came after it. heck, i love the whole series! ^^ if i go there, will i be a poet, too? just asking, maybe… ^^

    hey, you’ve got your snow. ^^ cheers! 🙂

  8. seekraz says:

    I love the snow-covered mountains…. I have some of my own here in SLC and almost don’t make it to work in one piece in the mornings from rubber-necking to look at them the whole way to the office!

  9. tootlepedal says:

    What a great selection of pictures. Thank you.

  10. SL Schildan says:

    Lilly those are beautiful photos. 😀 I just got back from a quick trip to Colorado Springs and we had snow!!! At least it dusted everything white. It was warm in the sun and cold, cold, teeth chattering cold in the shade because of a brisk wind coming down off the peaks. The daytime temps were mid 40s at sundown it dropped into the teens. The snow doesn’t melt there, the air is so dry it evaporates.

    I was lucky to be in the passenger seat. I got lots of photos, but from a moving vehicle most of them are rejects. 😉

  11. Bird haven anyone? That is beautiful scenery.

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