The Forever Dance

It has been Their dance all along—Their communion, Their intimacy,

Love enfolding      Love enfolding           Love.

And I have been invited into the quadrille, the waltz, the glorious and shining ballet.


clumsy me, two-left-feet me,

stumbling, graceless me—

and hardly dressed for the occasion in these tattered, faithless rags.

Twirled and happy swinging,

embraced, breathless with joy

in heaven-sent robes,

in Spirit-scent robes.

. . . It feels like we will dance forever.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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19 Responses to The Forever Dance

  1. Thanks for sharing this poem. It says a lot. Connie

  2. Love the poem! I tagged you in the last blog I wrote. You don’t have to do anything about it, just wanted you to know I enjoy your blogs! 🙂

  3. Susan Gaddis says:

    So “feelable.” Loved it.

  4. I just love your poetry, and your photographs! (That 3rd cloud picture is especially amazing.)

  5. Lovely poem – with illustrations to match!

  6. SL Schildan says:

    Oh, Lilly that is lovely. Great job!!

  7. hello, ms. lily,

    you always see things, happy things in the clouds… yes, they make me happy, too. 🙂

    and why, your cam’s able to capture the rainbow. mine can’t – sob… ^^

    thanks again for this post! 🙂

  8. gingerbreadcafe says:

    Beautifully captured pictures.

  9. Homepage says:

    I admire your work , regards for all the helpful blog posts. 348404

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