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Alternative Photo Challenge: Deranged!

#3 and #4 sons in Sequoia–suits the topic, I think!

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Weekly Photo Challenge 2: Arranged

Orderly rows, grasses tended and flower decorated, memories revisited– granite guardians of loves lost, waiting for the trumpet.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Arranged

Row upon row, neatly stacked, shelter for spiders and skittering mice, ready for kid-climbing and stove-burning and picture-taking– so carefully arranged.

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An Unforever Friend

It could have been a lifelong friendship, a haven’t-seen-you-like-forever-but-everything’s-the-same kind of friendship. We shared tight, little secrets that only capital F Friends should share. We pontificated over politics—all the things we could never change. We wept over children—all the heart-pains … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

I do love perfection.  I just hate what it takes to get there.

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Alone . . .

Today I passed you on the road.  Our eyes didn’t meet through the tint, but I caught the outline of your face as you whisked by.   What thoughts were you thinking in your shiny new car?  Are you a real … Continue reading

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Night Songs

Some might think I should have used a special lens and a tripod to try and get the moon and Jupiter. I prefer to think that the sky is singing. 🙂

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All Roads Lead to Seven

I was raised to believe that three plus four equals seven.  And even six plus one, and two plus five.  As I got older and studied more, it became clear to me that not only did twenty-eight divided by four … Continue reading

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Have You Had Your Color Today?

Eaten or juiced?

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ID Help

I know most of you immediately thought I needed help with Intelligent Design info, but I really need help identifying this new bird that came to my feeder. I do not see her in any of my bird books.  Any … Continue reading

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