Communication is a Contact Sport

You think you know me.

You know my name; you know my face, so you think you understand me,

and you say, “I hear what you’re saying.”

I say I’m cold;

you think I need a sweatshirt, but I feel indifferent.

I say run;

you think Dodgers, I think danger.

I say book;

you think Nook, while I think Cloud.

I say paper;

you think Times, and I think pages to fill.

I say fence;

you think walling in, I think walling out.

I say dog;

you think ugly girl, I think canine.

I say travel;

you think desert, I think Paris.

I say love;

you think sex, and I think Snickers.

I say like;

you think sex, while I think WordPress.

I say rich;

you think ten-year plan, I think fattening.

I say, “Do you hear what I’m saying,”

and you say, “Yeah, I hear you.”


I’m glad we understand each other.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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14 Responses to Communication is a Contact Sport

  1. tootlepedal says:

    Beautiful picture in the mist.

  2. Judy says:

    Great misty tree photos & water view; and such a great poem! Communication can be a very tricky business! 😉

  3. Oh, I love this poem – the playfulness of it and the truth. Have had many a conversation like that! 😉

  4. SL Schildan says:

    Oh, I think it is the advantage of being together for many, many years, that we can REMEMBER to check to see if we are on the same page, or have the same book, and sometimes if we are even in the same year and the same universe, before it gets out of hand…:D

    Love this one!! Sweet Hubs may need some translations…

    The photos are lovely. 😉

    • See that is why you stick with one spouse. It takes too long to break them in as it is. And with other folks, you think you are on the same wavelength, only to discover you just bought Amway!

      • SL Schildan says:

        Too funny 😀 😀 and so true. Absolutely in agreement on the spouse. You mean you have yours broken in? I’ve been working on that for 49 years, job’s still not complete. And we bought Amway!! It’s been three decades, but I think we still have some available, if you are interested.

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