Daddy’s Tears

Daddy was not one to cry needlessly, but when his kids were injured, sick, or received unfair treatment, he cried.  When we made tacky Father’s Day cards, blue eyes misted. When he dropped me at college tears fell, and when I lost my baby, though miles away, in my heart I know he cried.

Once sitting in the airport waiting to board, the family started a round of good-byes.  Daddy cried.  I cried.  Soon everyone was crying.

“He started it!” I blurted, pretending to lay blame.  I was right.  He did.

Overwhelmed with emotion, I made my way to the restroom to freshen up.  I knew something was wrong when I saw the urinals.  My eyes had been so blurry, I’d stumbled into the men’s restroom.  At least now everyone was laughing.

Daddy is older now, his broad muscular body weakened from disease.  But Daddy still has tears.  He still cries for his kids – an overflow from a tender heart.

He can’t understand what he did to deserve our love.  But I know.  He possesses the Father’s heart.  He has allowed God’s love to permeate his soul, and it just seeps out through the cracks as Daddy’s tears.

(He is gone now, and I miss him.  Jan. 15, 2008)

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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18 Responses to Daddy’s Tears

  1. What a tender and precious story….you are lucky to have had such a wonderful father in life…thanks for sharing this story.

  2. My mother has been gone over 10 years now, and its still hard to believe sometimes, I truly sympathize and extend my condolences.
    May peace and comfort be with you always………..

  3. selah says:

    that is just beautiful..

  4. Tony says:

    Expressed very well. Thanks for sharing that. As a dad, my two little girls are the world to me, they do one small accomplishment, i get all choked up. Not turning in my man card just yet, it takes a real man to cry!
    Thanks again!

  5. Bittersweet. I feel like standing at the edge of a cliff. My father is 86 years old, physically frail, but still strong as I have always conceived him to be. I am far away from him, across the ocean, but cherish every moment I am with him.

    I feel the same daughter’s love for her father as I read your post.

    You are so blessed to have been raised by such a father you describe.

  6. atranquilplace says:

    You are richly blessed to have had such an amazing father…and to have had the opportunity to know this man in your lifetime.

  7. misslisted says:

    of course, I’m crying now.

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