Sunday Offering

The world turns,

and molten light swallows up the darkness of night.

Hope rises as the sun rises.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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20 Responses to Sunday Offering

  1. susansplace says:

    Heh, Lilly, I get the feeling that we live close by. I live in Lincoln, CA, and enjoy similar God-made sunsets and sunrises. Truly beautiful photos — and a reminder that God gives us these gifts every day, along with His Easter gift. Amen!!!

  2. Eve Redwater says:

    What a gorgeous sky!

  3. gingerbreadcafe says:

    Really great photo’s again, I will have to start taking spring/summer walks again to view skies that big.

    • It’s a little frustrating to be housebound, unable to drive, when spring and stormy weather are calling me! Argh. I took this from my bathroom window. 🙂 Gotta do what you can. Hopefully I will heal up in time not to miss all of the beauty out there.

  4. Thank you for posting this;beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! Sometimes Hope keeps us going.

  6. Shez says:

    Beautiful, Lilly. I’m so glad you are getting up, even if it is only to the bathroom.

    You might mention to Susansplace that we do all share the same sky. 😉 Maybe not the same sights. A few weeks ago you got beautiful shots of the moon from your desert of California and I got similar photos from the soggy suburbs of Portland Oregon.

  7. tripp1237 says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Simply gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  8. am beginning to think that your camera and the horizon has inked an agreement, say? ^_^

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