Freshly Dressed–Lilacs

Buds, asleep since summer, stretch and groan,

throwing off the gloom of winter’s sleep,

sloughing off constricting scales,

peeking through,

breaking through,

pressed by warming breezes.

With each new sun,

the growing and pushing opens in luscious bloom,

broadcasting bouquet to a tired and bare world.

Stretching with contour and color,



life dresses the barren with the fresh joy of spring.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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27 Responses to Freshly Dressed–Lilacs

  1. cooleur says:

    They look healthy.

  2. Excellent series of pictures. The first is just like abstract art – full of lines and texture – the last two are simply lush with color and contrast

  3. danitacahill says:

    Mmmm…I can almost smell them. Lovely photos, Lilly!

    • I love them, but have grown allergic. So I cannot bring them inside, and they do pass fairly quickly. But I torture myself with their outside fragrance because it is so awesome! Pass the allergy tabs. 🙂

  4. selah says:

    love lilacs.. love the fragrance..

  5. grand-player says:

    “Broadcasting bouquet” in a loud but pleasant voice.

  6. brujjilla says:

    Holaaa 🙂
    Yo también tengo un árbol de lilas que plante el año pasado y es ahora cuando están empezando a salir las yemas. Estoy muy emocionada 🙂
    Saludos desde España

  7. luscious lilacs! I bet you fertilized these plants really well!

  8. susansplace says:

    Ahhhhh, my favorite flower!! I can just smell that beautiful fragrance! Thank you!

  9. ktlee says:

    Beautiful words! Perfect description for spring’s new buds and blooms. Ahhh, the fragrance of purple lilacs! I can’t wait!

  10. Shez says:

    Such beautiful captures of the progression. I carried a huge bouquet of purple lilacs when I got married. They bloomed in profusion that year just in time. They have only been in bloom a very few times in the ensuing years. Ours might be as far along as your first photo and it doesn’t look like they’ll make it in two weeks. He is such a romantic that he has often pre-ordered lavish bouquets in enough time that the florist has had them flown in for the occasion. I am happy with a bunch of tulips!! 😉

  11. katehobbs says:

    I can smell their heady fragrance as I view your photos. I love lilac. Thank you.

  12. fresh and beautiful!!! 🙂

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