My student’s humor piece. 🙂


New York has made an attempt to win the nation’s heart and raise test scores by removing topics from city-issued tests that could possibly distract from or offend a student. The recent censorship of topics reflected in tests was instigated from a “request for proposals provided to companies competeing to revamp city english, math, science, and social studies tests given several times a year” (Gonen). New York city officials took the request to heart and impletmented the changes immediately. This thoughtful act has forbidden such topics as dancing, dinosaurs, birthdays, Halloween, and over fifty other topics deemed possibly offensive. The common citizen may not recognize the threat that the word “birthday” or “dancing” poses to a student. But thankfully, the highly trained city officials are experts on the hidden meaning of such deceptive words. I expect the next words to be abolished will be breakfast, doorknobs, and death.

Birthdays, for…

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  1. In a way it’s funny; in a way it’s troubling where this might all lead. I can live with these minor changes, don’t care for witches & Halloween myself. But it’s when the Dept of Social Services or the school system gets involved in “only doing what’s good for the child” that we see real problems ahead.
    Foster parents here aren’t allowed to make a child sit in a corner as punishment because it’s humiliating for the child, etc. Teachers are hardly allowed to hand out bad marks for the same reason. That’s where this “respect for the individual” really gets out of hand.

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