Mail Domination!!!

I wonder if they make femail boxes in this rural setting?  🙂

This scene is very nostalgic for me, except for the locks on some.  Growing up you would never see that!  However, many a mailbox ended up stuffed with manure or firecrackers on Hallowe’en.  Delinquents!  . . . Not me.  . . .  What are you looking at?  I only used hay!

We collected our mail at the general store a mile from home.  I felt disenfranchised not having a shiny mailbox at the lane.  Finally, we got one!  Said “Cr____ and Son” on the top.  Nice try, Dad.  Your only son would run off and become a space-age scientist engineer person.  It must have been a sign that a month after the mailbox was up, somebody threw it in the river.  At least, that’s what we suspect.  A Hallowe’en trick.  Sometimes, pranksters would just exchange mailboxes so you found it a few farms over.  We never found ours, and the river was so handy.

Now if it had said “Cr____ and 6 wonderful daughters and one son,” no one would have dared such a sacrilege.  Oh, well.  Back to the general store.

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11 Responses to Mail Domination!!!

  1. grand-player says:

    My husband proposed to me in an orange mg midget with the top down on a country road. A red, white and blue mailbox marks the spot. Flash-back from your post. Thanks

  2. danitacahill says:

    Fun post, Lilly! This does bring back memories. Our rural mailbox was a mile away along Hwy. 34 when I was growing up. One in a line of many like this. We had the gigantic-sized mailbox. No lock. My mom was a big catalog shopper. With the gigantic box, she didn’t often have to drive all the way to the post office to pick up her packages. The neighbor boys of a rural friend of mine once played a prank on them by putting a live bird in their mailbox. Of course it flew out and scared my friend to death when she opened the box. The neighbor boys planned the prank for my friend’s husband.

    • 🙂 Mailbox pranks mostly were innocent, but you can’t be assured that now identity thieves aren’t going to get at you. It was fun to see so many boxes still active, all in a row.

  3. We had a “prank” played on us… Someone drove by and wacked our mailbox, smashing the box itself and breaking the post the mail box was on. This meant a call to the post office to make sure we’d get our mail and I had such a charming lady on the other end of the phone. :/ If I ever call about post office questions, I call the one in the county over.

    Totally off topic, I just got back in from planting onions and now am going to feel buggy for hours! I am itchy all over wondering how many bugs are crawling under my clothing. I already found a creepy on my clothing. At least the onions are planted.

  4. Shez says:

    Fun post. Can I share your photos? By day I own a small manufacturing company. We make locking mailboxes right here in Oregon. Mail theft is a horrific crime, it invades people’s privacy, their feeling of safety, and often their credit cards, bank, identity and their credit score with it. We do try to help people keep themselves safe. As a kid I was sure you would go to jail for even touching someone’s mailbox. Back in those days we didn’t lock our houses or our cars. So times do change. But with those changes came digital cameras. Need I say more??? 😀

    • I know. We never locked our doors, and people that had mailboxes never worried about identity theft. Good grief. What a world. Friends of ours north of us live in a community similar to where these boxes were, and they had mail stolen. It’s a shame. Interesting though: When I was out taking pics of these mailboxes, I was passed a couple of times by a security patrol car. So the neighborhood must pay for extra surveillance.

      • Shez says:

        It’s hits people so hard. Then they go buy a cheap one from China and people just fish in and steal the mail and they don’t even know until the damage is done. It is a pity. But I try to focus on the fact that progress has brought me computers, digital video and digital cameras. I LOVE all the fun stuff!!

        • Yeah, that’s the good stuff! People go through our trash every week. We shred everything so I don’t care, except they upset the dog. Mostly, it’s hard times, and they are looking for recyclables.

    • BTW, sure you can share. Just use my name just in case someone wants to fund my retirement! 🙂

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