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Just Humming Along

I’m just humming along to your nature sounds, the busy buzzing of wings, your furtive flights that limit captures– ah, but I got you, wee one, drinking my nectar, my temptor’s brew so I can see you.

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Lone trees, lone fence . . .

Two lone trees, straggly sentinels to guard a whole ocean, a world of wet life and dreams. One lone fence, one scrappy wave of a fence, slats barely standing in shifting sand, weathered by salt, gale, and sifting breezes– your purpose … Continue reading

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Rock and Water, Water and Rock

I hiked down the Arroyo Burro Beach in my fabric-covered flipflops (mistake) gaining weight in sand step by step.  My favorite rocks are here somewhere; I know it.  Ah, there is such a thing as high tide, and I don’t have … Continue reading

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Santa Barbeque

Well, we didn’t actually have BQ for Memorial Day, but we did go to Santa Barbara, along with half the population of So. Cal!  The traffic was horrible.  Note to self:  Go sight seeing on off-holidays. The title–I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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Though blackness comes . . .

Though blackness comes, and it will; though vision is seared with haze, and it is– the stock in trade of soul-stealers; there is light beyond the layers of doubt, hope above the clouds. In You , oh, Lord, do I put … Continue reading

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Bird Wars

Shacklee!  Amway!  Shacklee!  Amway!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

Summertime, summertime, summertime ♪♫♫♪

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Queer-y of the Day on Drugs

I had some old meds I needed to dispose of.  I used to be able to take them to the pharmacy, which is much safer than flushing them down the toilet so as to hop up all our microbes and … Continue reading

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A Dove Song

Your prayers are like my prayers, earnest and weeping, more like a cry than a song. Morning’s mourning and evening’s coo, threads the raw pieces of my day into the whole fabric of my life.

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