Only 736 More to Go

I took 737 pictures yesterday at the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  Such beauty is invigorating.  Only 736 more to edit. 🙂

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36 Responses to Only 736 More to Go

  1. danitacahill says:

    Very pretty! It will be fun to see more flower shots here.

  2. Beautiful!
    Here I thought I had a lot when I uploaded my last batch of photos from three days, There were 174.

  3. TKSoni says:

    Please do share you 736 pictures, it is awesome. If you gift some of the nice pictures, so that I will post it in my blog, mentioning your name and your blog link. Its my kind request, please accept my request.

    Thanks and regards

  4. How beautiful. Can’t wait to see the other 736. 🙂

  5. tootlepedal says:

    I know the feeling.

  6. Reblogged this on Found Round & About and commented:
    Loving the gorgeous frill of this ranunculus that Lilly photographed! I can’t wait to see the other 736!

  7. Eve Redwater says:

    736 photographs sure is a lot! This is a really lovely shot Lilly! 🙂

  8. I love the color of this rose, beautiful shot!

  9. Dor says:

    Oh. Oh. Oh! There is no beauty like a rose and this one is close enough to touch.

  10. One of my favorite colors! A real beauty, Lilly!

  11. Lindy Lee says:

    What’s to edit with gorgeous orange-red subjects like that?

  12. How funny that you had 737 pictures. I took exactly 737 pictures on National Train Day on my ride from downtown San Diego Santa Fe station to Los Angeles Union Station and back. The really bad thing about that is that I take RAW + JPG, so there were actually 1,474 files to move from the camera to the computer.

  13. skyflicks says:

    What a lovely rose. Now I have a good reason to shoot these pretty flowers. By the way Lilly, I have also some nice collections of Flowers that i feature in this Month of May in my blog. Have a check. ^_^

  14. Shez says:

    Such a chore, 😉 If they are as gorgeous as this one it will be worth the next month of your life to do it. 😀

    PS Hint: For those who have trouble distinguishing between the two: Roses have thorns. Ranunculus don’t. 🙂

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