Hot Chili—Cool!

We have been using the same canned chili for over 38 years!  Amazing!

When Kel and I first met, we lived in a ministry commune (Think:  Jesus freaks, no Kool-Aid involved.).  Someone in the house bought this chili and used it to make chili omelets, and so a habit was born that lasted, well . . . almost forever!  In addition to omelets, we have eaten it with quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and of course alone.  We bought it by the Costco mega-pack, raising four boys on it.

As a developing health food nut over the years, it just never crossed my mind to read the label.  This chili (to remained unnamed for threat of suit) was just part of our domestic landscape, right up there with dust clods under the fridge—a fixture.

My youngest son has become more health conscious of late, as well.  He works out a lot and has been concerned over that miniscule, tiny, almost imperceptible, wee roll on his 6-pack and has been trying to figure out a way to trim it down.  I offered to take it since another millimeter would be lost in my 6++++ granny-pack!

To be honest, I have been trying to dump this and other canned goods in order to avoid the BPA chemicals present that will kill us all, right after the GMOs, the DDTs, and the FDAs.  I have tried health food chilis, but he complained they tasted like the Home Depot (Or was that the aloe vera juice?).  So back to Den—I mean the anonymous chili—I returned.

When Dan-man read the list of ingredients, though, I was shocked, chagrined, and shamed.  Well, almost.  There is 2060 mg. of salt in one chemically loaded can.  That was enough.  I was done.

Now I make quite a mean chili myself.  It’s fairly gringo and would never take first place in a Texas chili cook-off, but it’s not bad.  And it’s organic.  So I decided I would just cook my chili, keep some ready in the fridge, and freeze the leftover portions.  Well, the men are won over, and the hubby took back 2 unopened cases of the old brand to Costco.  After 38 years, we have begun a new family tradition, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the demand.  So I thought I’d share my recipe.


1 lb. organic ground beef (The cow doesn’t feel better, but I do.)

If you want to use beef-looking soy granules, that’s cool.  Just be sure they are organic since most soy in this country is GMO, and you don’t want to look like a Cyborg in 15 years.)

1 diced org. onion

Org. garlic (You can use non-organic, but all this organic stuff makes me feel really superior to you pesticide lovers.  I’ll work on that.)

1 can org. tomato soup–If you use the concentrated stuff, you will need to add a can of org. water (Good luck with that one!).  I am currently using Trader Joe’s Organic Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup out of the aseptic pack.  It is ready to eat, so no extra water is needed and no can to get squirrely over.  For those who don’t have Trader Joe’s?  I am soooo sorry!)

2 T. vinegar

2 T. chili powder

Salt to taste (or org. no-salt mixtures)

Your favorite hot sauce—enough to fire it up as you like.  Add fire extinguisher, if needed.

1 small can of rinsed org. kidney beans


Brown beef, then drain the fat off.  While the fat is draining, in the pan cook the onion and garlic till soft.  Add meat back into the pot, as well as all the other ingredients, and simmer till it cooks down to the consistency you like.

For a bowl of chili, you may want it a little more liquid, served with a big hunk of cornbread or whole grain bread.  But for other uses, it is best to have it fairly thick.  Divide into 3 glass (not demon plastic) containers, cool, then cover.  Store one in the fridge ready to go; freeze the other two to have on hand for the hoards that will descend when they find out it doesn’t have chemicals and salt enough to kill a . . . well, you get the idea.

Let me know if you like it!  If you don’t like it, don’t tell me.  I have a very fragile ego.

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39 Responses to Hot Chili—Cool!

  1. “1 small can of rinsed org. kidney beans”
    Unless the organic can says BPA-free. It’s not. Found that out recently and was not happy.
    We’ll have to check out Trader Joe’s, maybe tomorrow. I learned one open in the big city. We’ve been out of ground beef for awhile now and I am going nuts. I’m not a vegetarian. Yet. But am about ready to if I cannot find organic meat sources.

    • And look on-line. There are some farms that mail frozen with dry ice. I didn’t know TJs was all the way over there!

      Few companies have BPA free cans. I think Eden is one, but the biggest threat is cans with acidic foods since it leaches the chemical out so much more. So even if you can’t avoid all, avoiding tomatoes, and anything like chili with tomato in it, and citrus, you will be better off.

      I can cook my own beans, but one thing at a time. Whew.

      • Whoa, I guess I am going through the comment backwards. We started ordering from an organic delivery place. Since we’re out of their service area, Papa picks up the food near his work. This week they had ground beef. Not organic, but humane treatment, non-GMO grass pastures…
        Yes, I read that about tomatoes, so hopefully we’ll find something tomorrow. The Trader Joe’s is new. They have one in Omaha too.
        We have our biggest garden yet and we are so hoping it will produce well. I just need to find a way to deal with those unseen bugs eating my broccoli and kohlrabi leaves. Grr…

  2. susansplace says:

    I just returned from a morning walk and haven’t had breakfast. If I could crawl through the computer screen (which is not organic), and grab a bowl, I would!!! Oh man, does that look good! Wow! Gotta go have a bowl of Cherrios — quick! (Oops, I guess they’re not organic either. Crud.)

  3. I got a kick out of the weight of your beef. 1.34 pounds??

  4. grand-player says:

    Diced onions? They look like noodles. I know because that is what my hubby always says to me.

  5. danitacahill says:

    Sounds yummy to me!

  6. Dor says:

    This looks fantastic! Even though I hate to cook, I am planning to try this one. No Trader Joe’s in the boonies though, so I will have to improvise. Thanks for sharing and I wouldn’t think of damaging your ego, so am speaking from the heart and definitely hungry for your cool chili! 🙂

  7. Going to try this… I usually use a few fresh chillies too! Hot, hot, hot! 🙂

  8. pattisj says:

    Good for you. We’ve been making dietary changes for years. First to go was sodium, then saturated fats, now sugar…always a learning curve.

    • You kind of need to approach things bit by bit so as to not get overwhelmed. If I had one change to make, it would be to never buy potatoes unless they’re organic. They have the most chemical load of all vegies and fruits, using pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. It’s hard to keep ahead of the chemical guys.

  9. peacenikkie says:

    This surely sounds and looks like a winner, Lilly. TJ’s, here I come my next trip out! Thanks ~0;-D

  10. Cool post! But it seems to me like you prepared enough for a little village, huh? 😉 Hello, Ms. Lily

  11. After trekking through painful weeds looking for birds, we went to Trader Joe’s. What a place! It is not as big as Whole Foods, but there was a lot of variety and the prices were good. I learned they do not use GMO’s in any of their brand, so we stocked up on cereals and other goods.

    • They also do not buy goods from China.

      Other reusable bags, for example, are most often from China, and lead has been found in the colors used. I buy TJ reusable bags!

  12. Eve Redwater says:

    Oh wow, this looks seriously yummy! 😀

  13. I was looking at the website of a local cattle company. They have healthy, happy beef. Made me think of your comment here about the organic beef in this recipe. LOL

  14. Please send chili to Russel Ray, 7000-31 Saranac Street, La Mesa Ca 91941-8915. Thanks! lol

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