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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hands That Fathered

I can’t let this challenge go by without another “hands.” When I think of hands, I think of my father.  He had huge farmer hands.  They were typically stained with field dirt and oil from working with machinery; and inevitably, … Continue reading

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This is a reblog for those interested in my quilt wall hanging. There is another bigger white on white in this post that I drew and quilted. The stippling represents many more hours than I probably should have given. 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

These are my husband’s hands, which I quilted into a white on white wall hanging.  The hands releasing the butterfly symbolizes freedom.

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Thought for the Day: In the balance

It is interesting that in the balance of things a thousand kindnesses can be outweighed by a single unkind deed or word. ~Lilly

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Moonscape Xeriscape

It has been an ordeal trying to grow anything green in our backyard.  With a combination of desert blistering heat and the workmen’s leftover whatevers that make the soil like concrete, it has been a struggle for years.  We have gardened, … Continue reading

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