Bird Wars

Shacklee!  Amway!  Shacklee!  Amway!

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17 Responses to Bird Wars

  1. susansplace says:

    What do doves eat? Is it OK to put out something for “wild” doves? I would love to put something near my poor little Mommy dove who never seems to leave her nest up in our eaves. If the Dad is around, bringing in the grub, I never see him.

    • If you have bird questions, you should ask The Birding Bunch who follows my site. She is a bird watcher extraordinaire.

    • More like an obsessor, if anything, Lilly.. It’s gotten really bad this spring now that we have hummies.
      Doves will eat any seed-millet, sunflower, safflower. They aren’t picky; cheap or expensive doesn’t matter to them. They will eat either on the ground or any feeder they can fit their backsides onto. The dear mother is ok and it may be the father. They take turns sitting on the nest, with mom on it at night usually. I am sure they will grately appreciate the seed you give them.

  2. v4vikey says:

    Beautiful Photograph…

  3. LOL It’s especially bad because it looks like a husband and wife. I like the expression of the one finch behind and to the left of them. She looks a little pouty.

  4. I love the caption on the photo 🙂 !

  5. Shez says:

    Love your photo. You need to step in and in your “mother voice” tell them to play nice and share. There is enough for all of them! 😉

    Yesterday I counted we have seen 24 varieties of birds and 6 varieties of water fowl this spring. They have been an active bunch. There is even an unidentifiable one. I must send a photo to The Birding Bunch. 😀

  6. We have the same back yard with the same birds fighting the same fight. lol

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