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Laundry Day

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment on the Street

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Simple Goals

I had simple goals as a child: I only wanted to be famous and change the world. Now, I realize with any and all accomplishments, my real goal should have been to change myself— or at least place my life … Continue reading

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A Side of Onions, Please

I’ll take that road with a side of onions; and in the desert, if you leave them there long enough, they’ll be fried. 🙂

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The Beauty of Kaiser

You can find beauty everywhere.  This, of course, was on my radar before the appointment.  🙂

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Flashback of the Day Virginia News reminded me of a funny story involving guns.  Read it at the link. Here’s mine:  Though it is recommended, you are not always safe when the gun is pointed down.  Several years ago when I still had time to … Continue reading

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A Feeble Fable

I walked along the twisting path, a steep drop off on my right, a rocky wall on my left.  Every step was measured and sure to avoid the rocks and shards of pottery from discarded vessels, which held all manner … Continue reading

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Pier Pressure

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Bugs and Blossoms

Small, almost lost in the bigness of water and trees and mountains towering. Insignificant, compared to terror and politics and financial machinations. But small enough to mend thread bare places in my soul; insignificant enough to blend together heart-sighs into smiles– small … Continue reading

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Perfection is hard to live with . . .

“When a maaayan loves a woman, down deep in his soul, she can bring him such misery . . .” I wonder why I can’t keep a girlfriend when I sing the blues so good.  Maybe it be my grammar.

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