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Laundry Day

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment on the Street

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Simple Goals

I had simple goals as a child: I only wanted to be famous and change the world. Now, I realize with any and all accomplishments, my real goal should have been to change myself— or at least place my life … Continue reading

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A Side of Onions, Please

I’ll take that road with a side of onions; and in the desert, if you leave them there long enough, they’ll be fried. 🙂

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The Beauty of Kaiser

You can find beauty everywhere.  This, of course, was on my radar before the appointment.  🙂

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Flashback of the Day Virginia News reminded me of a funny story involving guns.  Read it at the link. Here’s mine:  Though it is recommended, you are not always safe when the gun is pointed down.  Several years ago when I still had time to … Continue reading

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Grandma Time

Tiny hands, but big hugs; tiny feet, but many grand places to wander. With bright thoughts and bright eyes and a will strong enough to match her energy, she makes grandma’s heart grow big, brimming my eyes with love.

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A Feeble Fable

I walked along the twisting path, a steep drop off on my right, a rocky wall on my left.  Every step was measured and sure to avoid the rocks and shards of pottery from discarded vessels, which held all manner … Continue reading

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Pier Pressure

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

There are many photos I could put up for this since I love to create all sorts of things, but this kind of grandbaby creation–one out, one in the oven–is the best! 🙂

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