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Whine and Roses

. . . minus the roses. I had an appointment with the dermatologist today.  I had a couple of spots I figured needed to be frozen off, which would not be unusual for the whitest woman in America. I had a new … Continue reading

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Some More Scenes from Our Daycation: Silverwood Lake

On our way up the mountain, we cruised around Silverwood Lake, which is a popular man-made lake.  Disregard the green scum; you can be sure that doesn’t make it into the tourist brochures.

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Some Scenes from Yesterday’s “Daycation”: Mormon Rocks

If we win the lottery, we’ll take that Alaska or Mediterranean cruise or a lovely jaunt to Florence and Venice.  Till then, we find beauty on our daycations close to home.  And I capture them in my camera! Only losers go … Continue reading

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Celine Wannabe

“You are safe in my heart And my heart will go on and on and on and on and on and on and on.” “Okay, knock it off already; there are seeds to gather and babies to feed.” “Romance is … Continue reading

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I call this . . .

Another shot to prove I have not lost my vision–or my AF. 🙂

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I call this . . .

I call this “Photographing Hummingbirds with Manual Focus.”  🙂

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Wild Rose . . .

Hidden in soft light, standing still in tall grasses, not one to hog the limelight but content to just be, nourished by running mountain lake waters, anchored in soft mud, roots deep. But I found you.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

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Wax On, Wax On!

I am not one to get car fever, though it has been a frequent deadly virus caught by the male members of my family.  If the car is functional and somewhat clean, I’m okay with that.  That said, my hubby, all excited, called me out … Continue reading

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Conversations Around the Water Cooler

I hate politics!

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