Saving the World Piece by Piece

It’s been a rather productive day today.

I have gotten rid of killer asteroids, tornadoes, hurricanes, robberies, floods, funerals, and hanging chads.  I dispensed with the Taliban, Y2K, LA gangs, the Iraq War, paparazzi, terrorists, airport screenings, funerals, and Supreme Court rulings.  As a bonus I dumped graffiti, AIDS, North Korea, tsunamis, San Fernando Valley secession, West Nile Virus, and Governor Terminator (Maria will be so happy).  Now since I am exhausted, I think I will get a cup of organic, free-trade coffee and just pray for world peace.

For years, I clipped out news articles.  I’m not sure if it helped me to deal with the trauma of life–perhaps having them contained and labeled made me feel more in control.  Perhaps I thought my books would be discovered in a hundred years in my attic and bring my children a fortune on E-bay.  Maybe they were to be resources for writing.  Whatever my motivation, in tackling my summer project of the reorganization of my office, I decided it was time for the collection to go–all these horrors and atrocities of nature and man.  I started to realize that it was almost all bad news.  If I need a bad news fix, I can turn on the radio or check the Internet!

I only saved four items.  I kept the summary article of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s life and career.  I kept it because he came to office when I was a teen; and though he was a Liberal, he wore sandals, spoke French, and was very hip, and so was the first politician I fell in love with.  Actually, he’s the only politician I have ever fallen in love with!

I also kept the article about my next door neighbor’s daughter who was working as a bank teller and was shot by a drug-crazed robber.  She survived and we all thanked God for His mercy.

I kept the letters to the editor that my English class got published in mass because some of them may be famous some day and remember me.  Long shot!

And lastly, I kept the article on Pastor Billy Adams who showed me that a pastor can be strong, loving, consistent, and full of faith even in the many storms of life, in and out of the church.  He gave his last sermon at the age of 90, having served 72 years in ministry.   That was worth more than all of the fires, elections, divorces, global warming threats, and health epidemics put together!

Now on to world peace . . .

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23 Responses to Saving the World Piece by Piece

  1. Christine says:

    Now THAT takes courage. Bravo, Lilly!
    I have a collection like that in a big plastic storage container under the spare bed. Every now and then I take something out, read it over, and decide to keep it for future reference. Sometimes I visualize a tornado sweeping through and sucking up all the loose scribblings & “for reference” papers around here–what a funnel that would give! Do I need to seek “professional help”?

    • There was a time it may have still made sense, but since we live in the information age and any and everything is archived, it just didn’t make sense to me any more. Mm. What’s next to get the axe! 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Good for you, Lilly! That contained a lot of work, clipping and saving….and it was a lot of work to get rid of it, too.
    I came across a notebook, not of world news, but of decorator items, items I liked but didn’t have, furniture, clothing, shoes, etc. Anyway…I took it all apart and got rid of it. I hadn’t looked at it in years. Besides, now there’s Pinterest. It does the same thing my book did.
    Now why didn’t I think of inventing Pinterest? 😉

    • Now, I do have those binders, too! 🙂 Over the years, I have gleaned a lot from those clippings–tips, recipes, health info. So when I go through those, there will be much more to save off I think in a smaller binder. :- 0 But time goes by, and it’s like clothes, if you haven’t used it yet, then it must not be important enough to save. I guess I really am a collector, though. 🙂 Should have collected gold.

  3. pattisj says:

    Good for you! You’re a superhero for saving the day. 🙂

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    After 9/11, I was compelled to read every single story in the New York Times. Still recall the words of one stewardess, “I see water. I see buildings. Oh my God!, Oh my God!”. No clippings necessary to remember that one…

    • Really! There are some things just seared into the memory. The first shuttle disaster was like that for me. I watched that explosion and news coverage over and over again, crying! Yikes.

  5. I used to save lots of clippings too! I remember I cut out every headline from both the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Post when the Challenger exploded. I put them neatly in a notebook and used it the next year as my 7th grade science project. My teacher actually refused to give it back! She said she “lost it” even though I saw it in her desk… I wonder why I never confronted her on that? And I wonder what she ever did with it. In this day of the internet, I guess I don’t need it to look back at what happened…….

  6. Vinny Grette says:

    You are amazing and truly inspiring. That’s why I’ve nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. I admire your photography and especially that you grind your own flour! I’ll likely not announce the award until a week from now – just getting prepared in advance. All the best – Sharon, AKA Vinny.

  7. tootlepedal says:

    I can’t imagine keeping newspaper cuttings of general events but I do sometimes wish that I had been more systematic in keeping some records of my own life. My sister has been doing genealogical research and it has been interesting to read what she has dug about the family. Do you back up you blog in hard copy so that it will be available to future generations after the electricity has gone off for ever?

  8. Christine says:

    You ladies just reminded me of why I save everything. The power MIGHT go off forever –or even just the day I want to look up xxx. As for finding everything on the net, I’d have to keep track of where I first found the story clipping so I could look up the article online, and I’d surely lose the book I kept all that in.
    Also, this clipping I have gives me the particular angle of the story that I want to remember. If I look up the subject online I may not get THIS version. What if the government someday rewrites history and orders all the online info changed to accommodate the “new vision”?
    And there’s the copyright laws. It’s not legal for me to save this item in my own “information retrieval system.” I’d love to post a lot of the interesting ones on my blog but it’s not legal until 50 years after the writer dies — and I won’t be blogging then. So I hang onto my scraps.
    (I’m incurable and doomed to stacks of clippings.)

  9. haha, i love this one. yeah, world peace maybe a bit of a big chunk… 😉

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