Sacrificing for the Birds

I just want y’all to know how much we sacrifice for the birds.   We knocked out half a wall so I could get better pictures and make their little bodies famous!  Much better without all the glass in the way.  Flies are a problem, though.

And okay, my office looks a bit messy, but I am in summer reorganization mode.

Truth:  Can’t believe our slider has been broken for over 15 years, and we finally have it fixed.  I have new rollers and can now open it one-handed; whereas before, I counted it in my resistance training exercises.  We aren’t really that lazy about fixing things, but it was a huge deal because the builders put the track in backwards and built the frame around the door, so it was a bear to remove.  That’s right up there with the fact that they hooked the hot water to the master toilet–potty and a sauna all at the same time!  But now I have a door that works.  My bird no-blind opening was only fun while it lasted. 🙂

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4 Responses to Sacrificing for the Birds

  1. I wonder if those builders still have jobs! It sounds as if you were given ample opportunity to practice some Christian virtues. : ) No birds got in the house did they?

    • No birds got in, but I thought we might be visited by hummers. They were buzzing around. That would have been fun! Another thing the builders did not do was put insulation in the attic. They only put it by the access so that an inspector could glance up and say, “Check.” They also put our furnace that is in the attic in backwards, so when folks work on it, they have an interesting time with no catwalk. 🙂

  2. Christine says:

    Your builders sound like a slap-happy bunch! Maybe they’re related to the wren clan?

    Your office looks like ours, except when Bob decides to do some reorganizing. Ours is spread out more, though. Our bookshelves, overflowing like yours, are in our living room and back entry so people can see right off what they are coming into. 😦

    Happy Fourth of July.
    (P.S.: This is from christineevelynvance; I’m using my gmail and don’t know why my little bear gravatar won’t appear.)

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