R-rated for Violence!

He is an awesome bird, this Black-crowned Night Heron, but I wonder if I could convince him to be a vegetarian?  Soy nuts?  Avocado?

When my husband first caught site of him landing in the tree above us, I quickly started shooting bursts of photos till I realized he had a gosling in his mouth.

Stop shooting.  Breathe deep.  I don’t do dead.

I “carefully” looked again, and the meal was down the hatch already, so I got the rest of these shots.  (Just disregard the wailing mother goose by the water!)  I’m rethinking my love of all things “natural.”

Later, when I uploaded, I came to the first of those 9 shots.  Aghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!  My stomach took a flip.  I passed through the rest with my hand over the screen, positioned at the appropriate place.  I thought my computer was G-rated!

#4 son looked at them ( a little squeamish); hubby looked at them (“LIKE”), but not me.  I would delete, but hubby wants me to keep them.  And I’m thinking now . . . WHY!

As I edited photos, I was very careful to watch my numbers.  902 is the start of this National Geo type shot series.  On and on I edited, keeping watch of the numbers.  Till, oh no, I got lost in grandbaby pictures, and …………………..agh!!!!  There it was.  I jumped a foot and my stomach took a flip.

So, what should I do with them?  I will never look at them.  Have you ever tried editing with your hand over the screen.  Hubby’s birthday is coming up; maybe I’ll give them to his computer for a present!

These pictures here are the safe ones!


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10 Responses to R-rated for Violence!

  1. dorannrule says:

    Once again, your one eagle eye caught a very handsome fellow. He looks smugly self-satisfied or is that my imagination? Sorry you had to edit with one eye closed during his gruesome meal though. 🙂

  2. “I’m rethinking my love of all things “natural.””

    Well, the love of nature and birds does have its drawbacks. Currently, we are dealing with micro-sized drawbacks. Bird mites! In the bedroom, crawling, biting, itch inducing and Papa said no more nests allowed on the house, since our house is so old and these things get in through the walls. Once these Swallows fledge, he’s going to figure out how to remove the nest without bringing a further invasion into the house. We will put up dividers or something in our shed so more Barn Swallows can nest in there.

    About your photos, hmm…. Not sure what to do… I feel better about your Night Heron eating a gosling for food than I do about people who hate geese and take all sorts of crazy measures to keep them away.

    • I don’t mind that he does it–he must eat, too. I guess I just can’t look at it!

      We had mites once, too. It was early in our marriage, and we lived in this cool old duplex. Pigeons decided to roost on the roof right near the door. I refused to sleep in the bed because of the mites. They were everywhere. Ugh. Finally the landlord (not our idea) set out poison, and then we found a dead pigeon on the stoop. Not the preferred option, but it did eventually eliminate the mites.

      • That is terrible!
        Did it take long for the mites to go away?

        I don’t blame you for not wanting to look. One of the Christian nature magazines we read has new owners and they show a whole lot more “nature” than I am used to. They publish things like your photos.

        • I don’t think I will ever get used to it. I adore baby anythings, and though all need to eat, I just don’t like the blood and guts stuff. Even wild African lion film footage finds me peeking through blurry fingers or looking away.

          It was a long time ago now, but it seems once the birds were gone, the mite problem left fairly quickly.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    I wasn’t so squeamish about posting a frog but I might draw the line at goslings.

  4. Sadly, another Russel Ray camping trip comes to an end………………..Hope all is well.

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