I Have an Odd Request!

My husband is an un-party kind of guy.  And he is turning 60 on Tuesday (doesn’t look it!).

I have posted on FB for friends to give him a card party by sending a bunch of cards and emails to his work place.  I am safe posting it on FB since he is FB illiterate! 🙂

What I think might be fun to add to the mix is for you, my blogging friends, to use your fiction writing skills to wish him a happy birthday.

Unless you think I’m a predator of some sort and will track you down, start off your post with where you are from (If the predator thing is a real concern, say you are from California.  All the nuts and bolts roll here anyway.)  Then tell how you met him or recount a memorable experience you had with Kel.

Problem:  Most of you would have never met him, so make it up.  For example, “I remember that time climbing Mt. Everest back in the 70s.  Your asthma attack had us all scared, but thankfully the Sherpas had some magic remedy made from donkey hair that fixed you up right as rain.  Glad to see that you made the 6-0, old man.”  Get the idea?  🙂

Just post in the comments below and I’ll print it out.  The best entry gets a prize of absolutely nothing–except the satisfaction of knowing an old man could not reach a milestone and fly under the celebratory radar!

Thanks for being as weird as me. 🙂

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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22 Responses to I Have an Odd Request!

  1. RichardB1001 says:

    Good luck with that. I can tell him I remember him from when I ran the Boston Marathon in April 2005 and April 2010 and how he almost bested the Kenyans.

  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    We can say Happy Birthday!
    ^0 is the OLD 40 so he is Still Young!!!

  3. dorannrule says:

    Oh Kel, remember that trip we took down Alligator Alley through the Fla. Everglades? It was a fabulous opportunity for us to get away together on an air boat and experience nature – the egrets and pelicans – I remember how you love birds. It was so relaxing, that is until you decided to take a dip and that enormous crocodile came zooming in. Do you still have the scar down your right leg? Thank goodness I have strong arms to haul you back into the boat! But what a brave man you are (or were)! Happy Birthday Dear! Love and Hugs Old Fella! The Glades (and I) still await your return visit! Dor from Florida

  4. Kel, dude! Happy Birthday – just surfin’ into California and was passed by a note in a bottle – Dude it was one you wrote years ago! Remember? You were on that around the world sailboat race and a storm blew up and tangled the sail around the mast and you took a knife in your teeth and climbed the mast to cut the shroud free so the boat wouldn’t capsize. Then the skipper was so grateful he promised to buy you your own boat for the America’s Cup Race – but then he got sun stroke and was airlifted to a hospital on land leaving his crew on board – and everyone got bored and started chunking things at sharks…and you said we should all write messages in bottles and then track where they went – like research- and publish it and National Geographic would interview us and give us a bunch of money to do other projects like look for pirate gold. But then the Coast Guard came and said they had instructions to take the boat to shore and leave us at the bus station and you got on the wrong bus. And dude, where have you been? We waited! Anyway. Guess things all worked out for the best! You are seriously note-able. Happy Birthday!

  5. tootlepedal says:

    Just tell him that the best years are yet to come. It’s probably a lie but don’t tell him that.

  6. Mirjam says:

    When you come to age of 60, you already done everything, you don’t need to approve anything.
    Enjoy life!

  7. You should have said something sooner… I could have snail mailed a card. Ah well. I’m not good at the story telling thing…

    I remember “meeting” Kel about a year ago in Iowa. He looked to be a little broken down, needing to be tended by his darling wife until he was back together again. Not too long after this, she was a little broken down and he lovingly cared for her. To me that speaks volumes more than any grand achievement. He loves his wife and is loved in return. He is living out the later portion of Ephesians 5.

  8. Christine says:

    It has come to our attention that your 60th birthday has arrived, so– being the agent in charge of your case– I thought I’d send along my best wishes.

    Of course you won’t know who I am, as I specialized in being “invisible” back when I was put in charge of your case. Thus I believe you were never aware that a team of us were tailing you for two weeks back in ‘74.

    This was at the request of the Government of Ontario, as it had been reported that you abducted one of our citizens by the name of Lilly; that she was being held hostage against her will and being brainwashed with Yankee political sentiments. As you’ll remember, we were experiencing a strain in international relations in that era so this accusation was given high priority.

    We were pleased to report back to the Ontario government at the end of the surveillance period that Lilly was NOT being forcibly confined and any/all brainwashing was being done with her consent. Your name was cleared (for the most part) and we saw no reason to launch an attempt to kidnap your wife and return her to Ontario for deprogramming.

    Though I have been involved with many investigations in the intervening years, I have never completely forgotten you – especially since you wear the same shoe size as myself. So now I wish you a happy 60th birthday and many more.

    Bill Smith, a.k.a. Agent 3564

  9. ahaha, he’s good-looking. you’ve kept him well. he has stuck with your weirdness all those years. he’s some guy… hope his birthday was a blast, ms. lily… warm regards. 🙂

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