Bugs That Go Bump in the Night

Okay, it’s not an assassin bug, but it is an insect!

I don’t particularly like bugs!  They are only good for frog fodder, and I’m not that keen on frogs either.  (Kermit is the only frog I’ve ever had any respect for!)

One night in bed, I got bit on the neck by one of these bugs.  It was a hard enough bite to wake me, and I was sick for two weeks.  When I called the local Park Ranger, he seemed to think it was an assassin bug.  I took it to a local exterminator.  He didn’t recognize it and sent it down to LA to be identified by their elite group of entomologists who discovered that it was not an assassin bug after all but a ground beetle akin to the earwig.  These beetles don’t come into the house, don’t climb stairs, and they don’t bite humans—ever.  They feed outside under rocks and plants on dead and decaying matter.  Since I’ve never known an entomologist I couldn’t trust, I assume one of two things.  I’m both dead and decaying, or I’m not human!

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15 Responses to Bugs That Go Bump in the Night

  1. peacenikkie says:

    Too funny, Lilly! Problem is, they DO get into the house sometimes; sneaky little buggers! A friend actually had one burrow into her ear while asleep; wound up in the E.R. in terrible pain. Doctor pulled the critter out. TRUE STORY!! I always thought it was an “Old Wives’ Tale,” up till then! ~0:-o

  2. Glad you can find the humor in this. When I get bit at night I never seem to find the little buggers. Just know they bit me from the welts on my body.

    • Interesting word “buggers.” 🙂 This one is commonly called the kissing bug because it will actually aim for your mouth, presumably to get moisture. Yuck! I am a light sleeper, and it hurt and was on my neck, so I was able to squish it. I had the presence of mind to place it on the nightstand carefully to be able to identify it. The experts don’t have a clue! I had a friend bit by one, and he felt like he was having a heart attack. These are nasty little . . . buggers.

      One time I had these other little beetle things biting me in the night. Not hubby, just me! I finally found that they were entering in through the window sill. Bring on the poison! I let nature take its course only to a point!

  3. You know I don’t use harmful pesticides outside, but like you, when the nasties are in the house…!! I did order a supply of stuff from greenbug for any future indoor bug issues. I hope it works.

    • I have a homemade cleaner that also kills bugs, mainly ants. When it’s an invasion, I go Raid, but I hate to do that. WIth black widows, we use shellac because bug spray doesn’t stop them. They haven’t been as much a problem this year.

  4. dorannrule says:

    I’m insanelyhappy you have come back from death! As for the bug – ikk – yukk – kill and destroy!

  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    not liking the nasty bug my boyfriend got bit by on Sat. my world with him in it was no longer a certainty 😦 he is better now but there was a moment I had him in the back of the truck when I thought I would surly loose him 😦 Your photo of pretty flowers as well as mine will remind me bugs are needed 😦

    • They are needed for sure, but we would prefer they not feast on us! Hope he is better! Tell him “Think epi-pin!”

      • nutsfortreasure says:

        That is so true!
        He is coming along thanks and we will have 2 as I am not afraid of giving him a needle! lol He has known since he was 17 he was allergic typical man I told him I can not always save him 😦 what if I was ill could he do it or if the dog was with him time for some first aid classes for him you can teach an OLD DOG NEW TRICKS right lol

  6. Love your humorous take on this! 🙂

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