Spam Spam–Tastes Just Like Chicken

Who are these people?  This is a comment I found in spam.  The person is talking about the pictures of the onion fields I posted.  Deep, really deep! 🙂  Maybe when she says I should consider a different angle, she wanted me to take a pic from the other side of the field.  What do you think?


“I must say, as much as I enjoyed reading what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose focus after a while. It is as if you had a awesome grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your us your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from far more than one angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalize so considerably. It is better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the subject. Think about adjusting your own belief process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.”

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21 Responses to Spam Spam–Tastes Just Like Chicken

  1. dorannrule says:

    Your angles shed all the right lights – but that is just my gut reaction of course. True art is always “in the eye of the beholder” and I think you are a true artist. Advice from Doc Dor – Ignore criticism unless it is constructive 🙂

  2. LOLOL I just do not know how the spammers think. Today was blissfully spam-free. I guess to make up for that 200+ day I had some time ago.

    • It is really weird some of the stuff in there. Maybe if you go to their site and respond, they take over your computer and use it to empty your bank accounts . . . or take over the world. One or the other. 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Sounds like you would probably be ready to join my in my crusade. After i got three anonymous messages a month ago–that is, no subject, no message, just a link–coming from someone I did know whose sites were hacked, I wrote up a slogan: “Hacking is a crime against humanity.”
    Do you think it’ll fly? It’s a form of identity theft when someone steals your e-mail address and starts sending out drug ads in your name all to your friends. (Oh, I mustn’t get started…)
    I get a lot of SPAM on my website! Here’s one of my favorites:
    “I just want to tell you that my son (nephew, daughter, etc.) got so much help from your article that they were able to finish their thesis in college.” You’ll never believe how many kids I’ve helped to get their BA’s. (I don’t, either.)
    Another fellow wrote how I’d really helped him deal with his problem — commenting on my haiku about owls hunting at night. Must be the owls there are bigger than ours. 🙂

    • Ha, funny! What I don’t understand is what they get out of it. The sex ones, I understand what they are going for; but some of these insulting ones? Do they think I will hire them to edit my work? And since it most often seems random, what is their benefit?

      • Christine says:

        My observation:
        Most of the longer non-sales spam comments I get are sent by folks who aren’t that familiar with English. A lot of them are essentially identical to others — which tells me that someone originated the comment and others have simply copied it, perhaps not even understanding the meaning. Or they may want to irritate you enough that you’ll post their comment and reply.
        Some folks who work in offices overseas are bored at times and surf the web, leaving short positive comments on my site. But for some others, I’m thinking there are people who get paid for every comment they send–or that gets posted–and it’s done personally to avoid the scans that filter out robots.
        I suspect the goal is simply to get the company name visible, which leads quite a few of them nowadays to include the link in the message itself. Like “Great post” Then they get paid by Rob’s Tire Shop for each hit with their particular code embedded in it. If I ever post a spam comment I feel is legit, I still erase all ID.
        What annoyed me no end was to find one day that someone got into my site and installed links at the bottom of several of my pages. I clicked on one and it took me to some drug company in Timbuktu. Grrr…

  4. tootlepedal says:

    You hit exactly the right note there Lilly. If half the energy and invention that goes into trying to annoy me, cheat me and make me click on dodgy links went into productive industry or even trying to make me happy rather than cross, the world would be an immensely better place and I expect these people’s lives might seem better even to themselves. They are often very ingenious and inventive and it’s all wasted. Why people go like this is hard to fathom.

  5. I’m curious… Did this post get an unusually high number of spam?

    • I didn’t pay attention, and all the spam is deleted. I didn’t think there may be a connection to some wording. Mmm.

      • Sometimes there is; that’s why I asked. They sometimes can recognize if one post has a spam comment, even one we copied into it, and hone in on that.

        I seem to have some success with disabling comments for the posts that get a lot of spam and then later allowing comments again. . Not always. I have a post titled, Modesty, and disabled comments and re-enabled them some time later and the spam started rolling in again. But then it did work for my It’s Snow Joke. No more spam on that one. I have another post I disabled comments, but I cannot remember which one if I want to turn them on again.

    • I just looked at spam again, and there is another one for it, but a bunch for my Look Up post which was just a photo. Not sure what folks are looking for when they find these particular posts.

  6. Here’s a snippet I received just now… “I know Blogging is not bad if you are a great writer but wont it be better if you make 10x , 20x or maybe 50x more !”

    My thoughts are, it would be no better if I make 10, 20 or even 50 times what I make on my blog now. I make zilch and any big number times zilch is still zilch. 😀

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