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Milestone–or at least, milepebble!  I have reached 500 followers today, and this, I believe, is my 499th post!  So I am in sync.  (Isn’t that a band name?) If you want to congratulate me, in lieu of flowers, send cash. … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day: What to Give Up?

School is starting and the pace is picking up, so with all my writing and photography and lesson prep and study and and and and . . . I really feel like I need to give up a few things.  So … Continue reading

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You love me, you really love me . . .

“That’s right, love ya, baby!”  (At least, that’s what I think he said.)

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I was checking my Reader function, and I noticed that several of the blogs I LIKED this morning were unliked tonight.  Honest, I didn’t change my mind.  Why can’t we all just get along.  I LIKE everybody . .  except … Continue reading

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Sunset Backwards

Tired of the west getting all the attention–all the glory. Tired of leftovers, hanging on by muted threads, so last night, the east decked herself out in fine robes, fine flirting robes of color and swirl, covering the horizon. “See, I can … Continue reading

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Day is Done

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The New and Improved Beachbody Workouts

The Stairmaster.  Efficient, I would say.  The left side might be an Elliptical Trainer to simulate downhill skiing. Resistance Training.  (Really?  I resist training even when I am not at the beach.) Treadmill.  This one actually takes you somewhere. Weight … Continue reading

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Penultimate Defined

In the Old English–really, really old–penultimate is a word taken from the following group of words: Please, please do not let this trip be the last daycation before the ubiquitous “they” find my weary expired body beneath a pile of … Continue reading

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My Wee Friends

My kids better be nice to me, or I will leave all my tremendous wealth to my little entertainers.  Okay, I lied about the tremendous wealth part.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Seattle streets–life and death.

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