A Cool Look at Some Wonderful Hummers


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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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8 Responses to A Cool Look at Some Wonderful Hummers

  1. Biltrix says:

    They are such beautiful and fascinating birds. Had a friend stop by and hover over the table on the back porch while I was sipping my morning coffee several times at my parents house this summer. Couldn’t get my camera ready in time before he scurried off, but I always remembered to say a prayer for Apronheadlilly.

    Thanks for sharing the video. I’ll need to take some time to watch the whole thing tomorrow before college football gets started. God bless!

    • Thanks for your prayers! They are such amazing creatures. The scientists in the film got some great footage and helped me to understand even more about their little lives and characteristics. I do disagree with their assertion that the birds evolved and figured out on their own how to do all these wonderful things. I see design all over them.

  2. Lindy Lee says:

    Thank you, Ms. ApronHeadLilly, for the amazing hummers. Some of them in the video looked large by hummer standards?

  3. A captivating video, Lilly. thanks for sharing

  4. Loved the video. I think my hummers are on their way to visit you. I’ve only seen one in the last week.

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