The Real Fly By . . . Endeavor!

Though my hummers were not impressed, the school children certainly were.  I thought I had missed my chance to see Endeavor’s last piggy back flight, but it had been delayed one hour.  So all I had was my point and shoot Kodak.

Here are the kids waiting.  We did not know where exactly it would appear and whether it would be in a place for us to see, but here it comes just north of campus.

It flew right over the school–front row seating!  We all cheered, except me.  I don’t cheer well when I’m choked up.  A bit of history flying by!

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25 Responses to The Real Fly By . . . Endeavor!

  1. Dor says:

    Great shots Lilly! I watched it (on t.v.) fly over the Golden Gate Bridge and got all choked up too.

  2. Bella Remy Photography says:

    Wonderful shots!

  3. Susan Hart says:

    I only could watch it live on television, but I still got choked up. I have many teacher-friends who took pictures and video of the fly over, but your pictures captured the serendipitous treat of having it so near. Sigh. What a marvelous moment for you and the students to witness!

  4. katehobbs says:

    This is certainly history. I know the choked up feeling. I had exactly the same when Concorde flew its last flight. I cried my eyes out. I am so pleased you saw this. Your photos are amazing. Something definitely to tell the grandkids about.

  5. I had my camera, too, when Endeavour flew right over our school on its way to the museum in Los Angeles. The students waved and cheered. I got some nice shots of it, but nothing as clear as yours. We were all on the playground waiting for it to appear. The photos I got of kindergarten through fourth grade students reacting to the event are priceless. There was a halo around the sun as we watched Endeavour head south to its final resting place. A beautiful sight.

  6. Biltrix says:

    So Long Shuttle! We will certainly miss you! Remember the Challenger! Remember Columbia! And all the astronauts and their families. And God bless America!!!

  7. susansplace says:

    Your killin’ me!! What great shots, Lilly! I’m so happy that I trekked to the top of a hill to watch with other folks. It was really wonderful.

    • Where did you see it from? It was so cool that it flew right over our school. Very exciting!

      • susansplace says:

        A girlfriend and I hiked to the top of a hill in Lincoln (near Roseville) and had a great view of the valley, and downtown Sacramento in the distance. A nice man let us look in his telescope as the shuttle got closer. Goosepimples all over the place!!

        • After it left Edwards, it came south and did a flyby over us, then turned north. It must have pretty much followed the coast because Darla above saw it in Santa Barbara. Then it would have flown over you guys on its way to fly over San Francisco. Then it headed south again to eventually land at LAX. I missed the second flyby, but kids paying outside on the playground saw it again. Fun stuff! I forgive one of the shuttles for breaking one of my windows with its double-sonic boom while landing. 🙂

  8. belocchio says:

    A moment to remember forever – beautifully captured. I am impressed. Virginia

  9. Wonderful shots. I must have been exciting to see.

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