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I am the big sister . . .

I am the big sister, and I have been receiving propaganda for what seems like a huge part of my life: months of talk about sharing and cooperation. What in the world is that!  I am queen of the kid room, am … Continue reading

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First of all, spit your gum out, please.  I know it helps you cope with your lack of concentration, but a rule is a rule!  Not…

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A Moment’s Yes

Glimmers, slivers of light, blossoming blue-green and lavender in rippling paths, a wet veil of wonder, and I wander in this place in awe of what is seen–ever aware of the greater unseen. Can I still stare at the miracles … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Inspired By Love:
We honored Karly’s life the best way we knew how….through her music, her words, her poetry, by hearing her last composition live for the first time during the service, with candles providing the light…

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The Most Important Post of the Day!!!

Telling the world:  Grandbaby #2 has arrived safe and sound!  The world needed another beautiful baby girl! 🙂

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Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly:
I have done some things that would seem to belie the intellect God has given me (Read that:  Stupid things!).  One of those moments graced with…

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Occupy . . .

. . . we’re just trying to resist the 98%.

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Hmm, now how do I get back?


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Ah, Color in the Morning

. . . better than coffee!

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The Every Day Photo Challenge: Swings . . .

. . . with bodies!

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