Peter, Paul, and Starling

“Puff the Magic Dragon” was absolutely not about drugs!  The paper referenced was for writing purposes only.  And frolicking was a perfectly legitimate form of adult recreation.  How many times do we have to say it before we . . . I mean, you . . . believe it!

Wait, I thought we were a trio.

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10 Responses to Peter, Paul, and Starling

  1. Christine says:

    As a girl I loved the song, “Puff the Magic Dragon.” never once connected it with drugs; it was just a bittersweet song about a boy leaving old friends and old toys behind as he grows up.
    Did you others hear it as a drug song?

    • My sisters and I used to perform it. To me it was just a story–fantasy. And I loved P, P, and M’s stuff. But as I grew up, it seemed to me that the drug references were too obvious to ignore. So much music back then had references to things that I had no clue about–Yellow Submarine. Bummer. Spoiled a bunch of good tunes for me.

  2. tootlepedal says:

    The song, which I liked a lot, was rather spoiled for me when I heard that the AC-47 Spooky gunship, used in Vietnam, was nicknamed “Puff the Magic Dragon”, after the song. I like your starlings though.

    • Now I didn’t hear that connection. There are a lot of songs that I used to like that soured for me when I saw a war, sex, or drug connection that had been too subtle at the time for my naive self.

  3. pattisj says:

    Must have been a member of the band! lol

  4. Christine says:

    They are Peter, Paul, Mary, & Ringo Star-ling; they’ve formed a quartet now.

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