My Book of Common Prayers: Rule in Coming Under

Royal Creator, I see hints of Your order even in this chaos,

strands of music even in this strident noise.

Stands regal personhood embraced by royal priesthood,

with Christ fixed against the black chaos of a wily will–will gone wild.

I cannot escape You, nor would I want to.

My governance is in obedience, rule in coming under,

human strength hemmed in and surrounded by Divine order,

and this fragile worthiness calls forth praise.

Authority links hand in hand with responsibility,

caring for the chaos,

praying for redemption.

Doxology gives the soundtrack for my flawed rule,

and I am humbled, bowed before my regal Lord.

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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15 Responses to My Book of Common Prayers: Rule in Coming Under

  1. melodylowes says:

    Wonderful words of worship!

  2. lesuperkikke says:

    The Sky, Sun, my passion, beautiful

  3. susansplace says:

    Lilly, let me know if you got this. It cracks me up and I know you’ll love it! Sue (Cinderellasrags)

  4. You’re blog always brings me so much joy! Love the pictures you post… even when I don’t have time to comment (when I’m reading from my phone it’s kind of hard to do) I always love to see what you’re posting next… 🙂

  5. ly says:

    Thanks for my morning devotional. Beautiful

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