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To Unite the World

Everywhere you go!  We are the world! . . . well, maybe not. 🙂 Starbucks–So Cal Target

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Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly Green:
2-’12 When life is turned inside out, we see what fabric we are made of.  The seams that hold us together, weak or strong, are…

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Thought for the day about stupid!

Some Californians apparently have no idea about dealing with winter.  My post “Color Me Cold” has pictures taken the Sat. before Christmas.  Notice the patches of open water.  Both hubby and I remarked on how stupid it was that folks … Continue reading

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More grandbaby time*******************

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Originally posted on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly Green:
Looking at what seems so real, but is only a weak image of the sure. I value the image, but press on toward what is real…

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Chevy Love

Outdated, discarded, once as orange as a pumpkin, now more a cantaloupe—speckled one, at that. Wind battered and dust rusted, once showroom shiny, now no one’s dream. But I found you—you with your boy toy grill, a faded smile in … Continue reading

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Color Me Cold

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Merry Christmas!

Somewhere in the world, it is already Christmas, so here is my Christmas post, since I might be a bit busy tomorrow. 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone, and may this next year be a time of renewal for us all. This … Continue reading

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Originally posted on DesertGnome:
It’s more than just ceramic or plastic or wood to set on the shelf once a year. It’s a picture. A marker. A snapshot of eternity and Divinity. It’s a reminder that rushes our senses to…

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It Doesn’t Really Matter

It doesn’t matter if there were three wise men or two or twenty; what we do know is there were three gifts; and when they arrived, the family was in a house. So put the crèche wise guys somewhere in the garage … Continue reading

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