Want to dump unhealthy cooking spray?

I have wanted for a long time to not be dependent on cooking sprays with unhealthy oils and propellants.  I stopped using them in all cooking except for my bread.  I certainly didn’t want to go back to shortening, and the spray gave a quick release with no calories.

I saw a small article in my health food store’s free magazine and tried it.  I have used it for several 5-batch loaves of my whole grain bread, and it works great!  I am a convert, and I will never buy any more of that other stuff!

Buy a self-pumping oil atomizer, available at kitchen stores.  (The article says you can use a food-safe, glass spray bottle.)

Mix EV organic olive oil with water–1 part water to 5 parts oil. And voila!

Easy and works great!

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17 Responses to Want to dump unhealthy cooking spray?

  1. tootlepedal says:

    I’m sorry to say that I just slurp the oil out of a bottle. Cooking sprays, whether home made or not sound fun.

  2. becca givens says:

    Thank you for sharing!!! 😀

  3. pattisj says:

    I have one of those mister sprays. Didn’t know to add a bit of water to the oil. Thanks for sharing!

  4. gingerbreadcafe says:

    What a great idea – I’ve found something called rice bran oil which is cholesterol free, it is thinner then olive oil so I will give it a try

  5. I sure feel like I am not doing anything right here… I use organic olive oil spray for bread and cake pans. No seriously, thanks for the info. So I have this straight, you need to buy the pump atomizer and a glass bottle, they don’t come together? : )

    • There is an atomizer that is specifically for spraying oil. Problem is they are often plastic. The article said that the best thing is to just get a glass spray bottle. Right now, I’m using the plastic one because it is what I have. It has a hand pumping action that puts the oil / water under pressure and so sprays more mistily. I will be trying a glass spray bottle soon because I prefer to not use plastics.

  6. Well, I saw a sprayer and bought it on a whim at Target. I forgot exactly what I was supposed to look for and saw this sprayer. I still have a couple cans of organic Pam to use up first. I hope this thing works. 🙂
    Did you see the article recently about “fake foods”? Lemon juice, olive oil, pomegranate juice and other things are not always what they claim to be. I picked up organic olive oil yesterday, hoping it really was. The article said some companies are mixing cheaper oils in with the olive, but not acknowledging it on the labels.

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