It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Chocolate!

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Ah, the sweet shop!  Thankfully, stealing shots of window chocolate is only warm and fuzzy with no calories.

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13 Responses to It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Chocolate!

  1. dorannrule says:

    STOP! STOP! DO NOT ENTER! Calories here. And BTW, I love the photo of those well-lit trees!

  2. belocchio says:

    To paraphrase W.C. Fields ” I never met a chocolate I didn’t like”. V.

  3. katehobbs says:

    Lovely post. And Chocolate!!!
    The Christmas lights on the tree are great too. Is it me, or does the image seem to bear a resemblance to Jesus being hung on the tree?

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    Maybe just one little bite…

  5. Shez says:

    My plan, if someone gives me a box of chocolates, just eat them all and get it over with. And since I just ate a pound of chocolates minus all those that I shared, I am not hungry the rest of the day.And if I do eat something and gain the pound, It is easier to lose it in the next few days than to stretch it out and the pound appears so slowly (because we only ate just one or two on top of our regular meals) we don’t notice until the pants are too tight. Be brave and go for it! 😉

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