Bandaids and Blessings

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My first grandchild is as perfect a child as any can be.  She is smart, gregarious, and loves her grandma—the most important thing!  She is as wonderful as any little sinner can be; and though she is most often cheerful and compliant, she is very capable of theatrical grumps.

When I was visiting over Christmas, I needed a bandaid for an “owie” on my finger, so I helped myself to her special Disney bandaids.  I think I chose Belle.  #1 was very put out that I had used one of her very special bandaids and proceeded to let me know it!  Her grump did not last long and soon was forgotten.

As I reflected later, a thought occurred to me:  I was the one who gave her the special bandaids, because as everyone knows, a child’s hurt is always made better with the application of something more expensive than generic–with cartoons on it.  I had supplied her with Tinker Bell, Minnie, Belle, Ariel, and a host of others—even a whole box of Mickeys!  In #1’s moment of possessiveness, that fact was lost to her.  She was only aware of her own need, not grandma’s, nor the actual source of her precious prizes.  How like that we are.

We are so much more aware of our own needs than another’s.  We are so possessive of our time, gifts, and even our words so that our own need, which looms large, comes first.  But what we possess has been a gift; and by giving to others, we give to Him.

God has given me so much.  If I was to write a New Year’s resolution, which I typically don’t, it would be this:

I hope that in this next year I can see beyond my own pain to see another’s,

that I can forego some of my own comfort to seek another’s comfort,

and that I may clearly and often recognize who has given it all

so that I may live open-handed and open-hearted with eternity in mind.

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wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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15 Responses to Bandaids and Blessings

  1. susansplace says:

    Wonderful, beautiful words. I just wrote a personal note to one of my “grown up” 17-yr old granddaughters whom I love so much, giving her my reasons why smoking pot with strangers in her home, while mom is gone, is not a good idea. I wish I had been as eloquent as you!

  2. Mona says:

    Perfect analogy

  3. pattisj says:

    An excellent resolution–if you were to make one. She’s a doll!

  4. Thanks! Let’s call it the un-resolution.

  5. Angeline M says:

    A wonderful un-resolution! And what a beautiful granddaughter.

  6. Congratulations on having such a delightfully adorable granddaughter. I wish her happiness and joy, and hope the world is kind to her.

  7. lvsrao says:

    Excellent words. I wish Ms. Apronheadlily who has given this post be Happy, Healthy, wealthy
    and Spiritually gainful 2013.

  8. Claire Demetre says:

    Beautiful Lilly. You are such an inspiration. Wish you had been my grandma.. However I’m glad you were my son’s teacher and that through FB I can continue to bless and be blessed by you. Happy New Year!

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