Quiz for the Day

224 - Copy

Guess which ones are the Californians hiking in the Rocky Mt. foothills.  This is a tough one!

230 - Copy

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15 Responses to Quiz for the Day

  1. belocchio says:

    OK who is the one naughty enough to go hiking in running shoes?? Definitely a no-no in our part of the woods. The Good Husband is an avid mountaineer and climber and he would be very concerned about inappropriate foot wear in the mountains. It’s a jungle out there!! V.

  2. Vicki says:

    I sure hope those running shoes were waterproof! 🙂

  3. LOLOL But hey, they match the lovely snow.

    No, the plastic bags go inside the shoes. I remember those dreaded sandwich bread bags I had to wear inside my boots.

    • Ah, good idea actually. I had boots with me, but I hardly ever wear them–cheapy Payless kind. They killed my feet going through the airport, so I refused to wear them.

    • Shez says:

      My kids also remember those days. Their feet had always just outgrown those still nearly new snow boots from the season before. And since snow is not guaranteed yearly it was hard to justify 4 news pairs of boots to be worn three or four times. Sometimes they could be passed down, but not always. HAHAHAHA!! 😀

  4. Shez says:

    Love your funny, silly, happy posts, Lilly. 😀

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