Terry Bison Ranch–Wyoming

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This ranch is right over the CO-WY border.  Actaully, part of the ranch is still in Colorado.  It is the second largest buffalo ranch in the world.  We went out on a train car and hand fed the animals.  Well, I didn’t.  I took pictures.

They are magnificent animals!

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9 Responses to Terry Bison Ranch–Wyoming

  1. Vicki says:

    amazing closeups! you have really captured them. love the texture in their coat. I would not be brave enough to hand-feed them. Have you ever been to Custer State Park in South Dakota? That is an amazing place to see them in the wild, or at least it was when we were there in the 90s. hopefully it has not changed.

    • They are amazing and fairly gentle, as long as you stay in the train, I assume. 🙂 My husband fed a big one, and he was amazed at how the sides of the tongue are almost serrated. That’s how they cut off even tough grass about 2″ from the ground, thus not destroying pastureland like sheep, who would eat down to the roots. It was fun to see them so close. And no, I do not want a buffalo burger! I have a hard time seeing these lovely animals killed for any reason.

    • And no, I have never been to SD.

  2. When we visited Yellowstone Park last summer we were told that Buffalo cause more fatal deaths than any other animal. They look so calm, but if they get riled up they can attack. I’m glad you got back from your adventure safely.

    • I wouldn’t have wanted to be on the ground with these guys, for sure. But some of these are apparently more pets than anything. At least that’s what the guide said. 🙂 I have a healthly respect for big hairy 1-ton creatures. 🙂

  3. Susan Hart says:

    I love taking pictures of bison in the dead of winter. Their coats are so loaded down with snow. Gorgeous. Since we live by Yellowstone, we have many opportunities to see them and photograph them in winter, and we take advantage of these opportunities! Wild bison, though, deserve healthy respect. They are not pets. Getting close enough to touch them in the wild would be very dangerous.

  4. I just posted some stuffed. Nice to see them alive! Great shots.

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