***************Funny dog. He is back talking and whining to his bowl again. 🙂

A p r o n h e a d -- Lilly

I don’t need a dog whisperer; I need a dog yeller! 

Okay, I know he’s from Texas, but that alone should not be reason enough for the bizarre behavior our wonderful pet displays.

We bought our tricolor collie off the Internet, which is maybe a bit risky given we couldn’t really see how he interacted with his siblings and parental units.  However, he has been a lover—an ideal pet and so perfectly spoiled!  That is until we changed the flooring.

When we took out the carpeting and put hard floors in, all of a sudden he became afraid of his dog bowl.  We really didn’t realize he wasn’t eating till a friend commented on how skinny he had become.  With his big fur coat, the gradual reduction in weight had not really sunk in.  Hubby thought I was filling his bowl; I thought he was. 

Panic mode.  Rescue mode. 


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  1. Is your dog still neurotic? Maybe you should sell him to someone with all carpeted floors and get a cat — two cats — or three like we have now. Cats are wonderful.

  2. Your dog was just hungry, that’s all. Ours still is often afraid of the kitchen floor, but treats spread out over the floor keeps him from that panic when he comes in.

    • I think his pysche is more complicated than hunger. When we left for a trip over a weekend, a friend came and fed and exercised the dog. We warned her that she may need to hand feed him if he wouldn’t eat. She had a bear of a time getting him to eat, but when we came home, he ate ALL his food at his regular feeding area, which he had not been doing for a while. So right now, the key is: Hubby fills the bowl (not me) and puts 1/2 a string cheese in it. He hypes him up like this is a really great feed coming! He puts it down by his bowl, and he eats the WHOLE thing! 🙂 We’ll see how long that lasts because lately he has been whining at his water again. 🙂 Crazy canine!

      • Our dog goes in spurts to eat his food. We just give our dog dry, but then he has treats. We found out the lady who boards our dog would mix in canned food to get him to eat. No wonder we’d have a time of it after he came home.

        He sure will eat our homemade bird food when he gets a chance. I had left it on the floor by the front door while I got bundled and he was going after it. HEY!

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