One Ugly Mascot and Other Inmates

924 - Copy

This is Henry–the Terry Bison Ranch mascot, which ensures his not being eaten at Thanksgiving.  His cell mate escaped while we were there and chased one of the visitors around.  It was very entertaining–at least for us who were safe. 🙂  I tried to get a picture, but my settings were off.

Below are some other inmates at the ranch that were so kind to pose.

956 - Copy

My name is Ringo, and I never get as much attention as Paul.

969 - Copy

If I stick a straw in my nose, they may not notice that I need orthodontic work.

929 - Copy965 - Copy977 - Copy

Yak, yak, yak–enough with all the gawking already!

892 - Copy 916 - Copy - Copy

These two inmates we decided to take back home.

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9 Responses to One Ugly Mascot and Other Inmates

  1. mrhumes says:

    My school mascots a camel. Super ugly.

  2. dorannrule says:

    What a place! What wonderful creatures! What a beautiful child! What a wonderful day you must have had and thanks for sharing….. 🙂

  3. Great beasts and beauties you have!

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