Far and Near


Why does the bloated Biafra baby bring a tear,

and the hungry eye-cries of Haitian earthquake victims urge us to tear

our wallets from tightly held fists,

when the man,

the man with the sign in the planter area by the on-ramp,

we assume has a lesser need–that is, if we see him.

The lady,

the lady trying to sell the grubby Beanie-baby at the entrance to the grocery store

does not deserve eye contact,

hand contact,

I-know-you-exist contact,

and we breeze by without even a “No, thank you”–that is, if we see her at all.

Are the far needs greater than the near?

Or just easier to get over?  Unchanged.

Are foreigners more worthy than neighbors?

Or is it just safer to care in one fell feel-good swoop

than love thy ever-present neighbor as ourselves?

About apronheadlilly

wife and mother, musician, composer / poet, teacher, and observer of the world, flawed Christ-follower
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14 Responses to Far and Near

  1. ldaffin says:

    Beautiful and perfectly sums up what my heart has been feeling the past few weeks; thanks!

  2. susiebell123 says:

    I am guilty of this. I know it. And you are so right.

  3. dorannrule says:

    You are saying what I feel and asking the same questions. There are so many out there who need help, but shouldn’t “charity begin at home?” P.S. I love the pathway photo over the dunes!

    • Thanks! I feel guilty when sitting at a light, not wanting to give eye contact. Maybe I don’t have an extra buck that day, and maybe they are even scamming, but I still need to risk caring and treating them as persons.

  4. reinkat says:

    You make a great point. I think it is so much easier to throw money at a “problem” and not have to put your own time, effort, and love into it by ministering to the one right in front of you.

  5. peacenikkie says:

    Thank you, Lilly. I do feel guilty if I ignore an outstretched hand. God will make it right when we give in the right spirit.. There IS such a need here, at home.

  6. melodylowes says:

    Ouch… you are so right. LOVE is the greatest and highest calling – and does it not include those we walk beside?

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