Cat Burglar?

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I thought perhaps she was a cat burglar; but then, I realized she was parked underneath my new hummingbird feeder.  What a loving thing to do to stand (or sit) watch over my little hummers since you never know what nasty predators might be lurking about.

I don’t pay her or feed her, this neighborly cat, but she is faithful day after day.

My hubby questions her motives and sprays her with the hose, but hubby’s are often like that.

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22 Responses to Cat Burglar?

  1. Stefania says:

    she is lovely!! 🙂

  2. dorannrule says:

    You are so sweet about nature’s motives! 🙂 Beautiful cat but is he making the hummers nervous?

  3. Our neighbor’s ferals know not to come during any daytime hours, if we are home. They run if we merely look at them and this is the way it should be. If only we had a means to deal with them at night.

  4. The answer is simple, Lilly. Load her up with catfood calories and leftover juicies from your fridge and she’ll have no desire to predate–or is it predetate?

  5. Pretty kitty, I bet he’s there to follow the movement (and perhaps fill his belly).

    • I can’t believe you would judge her so harshly. She looks vegan to me. Maybe she is just praying there in seclusion. 🙂

      • Okay Lilly, you keep telling yourself that. 😛 Sorry I got her gender wrong, I hope she is not offended. LOL
        I suppose she could be vegan, my cats rarely eat anything they catch, but they do like to hunt and destroy.

        • I actually moved the feeder today because she found a way to get above the feeder on the fence, and it’s too close. Creative one!

        • I heard someone say once, “You can’t fault a cat for being a cat.”
          They were created to be hunters, hence the sharp claws and teeth. And when they hunt the bad things, mice, rats, gophers, we (as humans) are very happy with them and praise them. But when they hunt birds, we scold them????
          I’m guilty of it too. I guess its because birds are so pretty; but I always tell myself that they are cats and great hunters.
          Yes, very creative.

  6. tootlepedal says:

    Your hubby has the right idea.

  7. This cat is so loving and kind that she probably doesn’t even know that cats like to eat birds!

  8. pattisj says:

    She’s a gorgeous kitty. I tend to think our yard is peaceful and the visiting cat is drawn to it to hang out with the wildlife and listen to the birds sing. Though part of me (and the hubby) know better and shoo it away.

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