Wisteria Hysteria

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My neighbor’s wisteria is in full bloom.  It is such an odd plant with out-of-control traveling vines, luscious clusters of periwinkle blue flowers, swarming with bees!  And the smell . . . well, gorgeous!

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20 Responses to Wisteria Hysteria

  1. shellakers says:

    You know it’s Spring when the Wysteria comes out to play! Beautiful!

  2. Paul Cahill says:

    There is great detail in your photos.

  3. dorannrule says:

    Out of control beauty and you’ve caught it. It’s snowing here now in Virginia, and we already have about 5 inches, so your periwinkle blues are a welcome sight.

  4. LJ Innes says:

    love spring, love the wisteria pics too. and I have never seen a black bee ever – very interesting.

  5. coastalcrone says:

    Beautiful! I can almost smell it! Happy spring!

  6. Mona says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

  7. Reblogged this on A p r o n h e a d — Lilly and commented:

    ————-These are pics from last year of the neighbor’s wisteria. I think they got more water last year because they were much fuller than this. But love the fragrance and color just the same.

  8. Widow Beach says:


  9. Oh to live next to that magic!

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