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When I was taking pictures of the wisteria, I felt more than heard this lumbering semi-trailer of a bug fly by me.  It was slow, heavy, and totally black.  Kind of like a punk bumble bee with weight issues!

I had never in my life seen a bee like it, so I Googled it; and apparently, it is a Black Bumble bee!  Makes sense!  My husband said I should call it an obese-u-bee. 🙂  Wonder what kind of a sting it packs.  Bet I could outrun the sucker.

(Update:  A bug friend said this is a Carpenter Bee.)

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5 Responses to Obese-u-bee!

  1. The Hercules of bees! However, I feel a lot like that myself this morning. If I’d squeeze into a tight black dress and lumber around the house… maybe add some wings and buzz off… 🙂
    Right now I’d be very visible against our -20 C solid white outdoor backdrop, but I’ll look at your wisteria and remember spring blooms are coming this way, too.

    • Yes, don’t give up hope! 🙂

      • It’s -21 again this morning, but after tomorrow we’re supposed to have several degrees above every day, so spring’s around the corner.
        Went mountain-climbing yesterday with my smallest grandson on the 8-10 ft solid packed drifts left from last week’s storm; there was a neat 6 ft cliff right beside the driveway! When those peaks start running down we’ll have some puddles to play in. 🙂

  2. I’ve taken some macro images of very large bumble bees (that was interesting). But I have never seen any like this guy before! Wow, what an amazing find. He is a bit of a chuncker!

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